Ashgate Hospice: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

MVIS has been working with Ashgate Hospice for many years now, over this time we have proven useful to Ashgate, raising money through Car Boot Sales, Bake Offs, and Sponsorship of Ashgate Events.

Why do MVIS do it?

There are multiple reasons a company will help charities, such as Ashgate Hospice, with sponsorship or money raising events. The obvious being the good feeling of helping a small charitable organisation, raising money for them helps them to continue their charity work and pay staff members, so charity work continues.

The other reason being to improve a companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Being a company that collaborates with charity often, we have been able to spread our charitable word through Blogs, Social Posts, and Website Uploads. In doing so, we have been able to give our company a positive image. Meaning we have a positive Business Reputation, improved Brand Recognition and a greater ability to attract Talent and Retain Staff.

How MVIS has helped Ashgate Hospice

There are many different ways in which we have helped the team at Ashgate. From continuous participation in the Treecycle, to hosting a Movie Afternoon for the team.

Other ways in which we have helped include:

  • Sparkle Walk – MVIS sponsors the Ashgate Sparkle Walk yearly. A walk throughout Chesterfield, during the night wearing pink light up ears. This year look out for MVIS staff members taking part during the walk.
  • High Peak Trail – A walk through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to help raise money for the charity. MVIS’ Staff Juliette Wright and Anne Ashman took part this year.
  • Movie Afternoon – Before Christmas the MVIS team visit the Hospice and serve hot chocolate, tea and coffees to the volunteers. Helping them relax and unwind before Christmas.
  • Car boot Sale – Over a few weeks the MVIS team donated some of their old items to the Car Boot sale pile. In doing so we were able to take them to the Tansley Car Boot sale with all the proceeds going to Ashgate Hospice.
  • TreeCycle – Each year two MVIS team members take our service van. Helping the Ashgate team to collect Christmas Trees from houses and turn them into biofuel.
  • Bake Off –  We give staff the opportunity to pretend that they are on the hit TV Show, The Great British Bake Off. Having them bring their bakes in over the weeks in a tournament to see who is our Star Baker. Currently being Jacob Spencer, 3 Years Running.

Why Should CSR Be Implemented

Corporate Social Responsibility has many benefits to your company. If you are not already implementing a CSR campaign. you should for these reasons:

  • Better brand recognition.
  • Positive business reputation.
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty.
  • Operational costs savings.
  • Better financial performance.
  • Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff.
  • Organisational growth.
  • Easier access to capital.

To Conclude

MVIS has been implementing CSR into circulation for years. Doing this has ensured we have a positive image to customers old and new. Having a positive social image is helping us in our business, as people want to work with companies helping Charities.

We have also been able to highlight our achievements and explain how they are helping the Hospice move itself forward and ensure that staff and patients are happy.

So we have been able to help our business while helping others.

Being Sustainable With Solar Powered Products

Sustainability has been at the forefront for us as a company for a decade now, and as a result, we’ve been reflecting back on over ten years of commitment to being sustainable. As well as offering products that are solar powered, we’ve also taken action in helping to reduce our own environmental impact

The very nature of our products has a strong environmental focus and they’re all designed to be energy efficient. Over the last 12 years, we have improved our unit’s batteries and solar panels in line with the latest innovations in their respective technologies. By using tilting and more efficient solar panels, it has resulted in improved run times and fewer battery changes, which means fewer journeys need to be made.

Our solar powered range of products offer an alternative to fixed solutions that draw power from the grid. They do not need to rely on external energy supply and therefore are highly portable and can be deployed in locations where fixed solutions can’t be. The applications that our products can be used for can also help promote an environmentally conscious way of thinking. The VMS-A and VMS-C can be used to spread messages that can influence driver or pedestrian behaviour, such as reminding drivers not to leave their engine running idle or encouraging people not to litter.

The fact we specialise in solar power enables us to offer our environmentally friendly products to organisations looking to minimise their own carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our data collection solutions can help Local Authorities and other groups determine levels of traffic and their speed, which can then help them make environmental decisions on issues like air pollution. 

To help cut down on the carbon footprint of our service, we have taken action in reducing the amount of fuel that we use. Our custom-built beavertail vehicle allows us to deploy 3 x VMS-A units, 2 x VMS-C units, or 2 x Solar IP units in one delivery. By being able to transport multiple units in one single trip, it minimises our fuel consumption and time on the roads.  

It has never been more important to be acting in ways that promote sustainability and general care for the environment, but this is something that we have been doing consistently for over a decade. Whilst we’re proud to be an environmentally responsible company, having a ‘green’ focus isn’t just embodied in our products but in our actions too. As is the MVIS way, we will always constantly be searching for ways to be more sustainable and reduce our footprint even further. 

Anne Ashman, Group Commercial and Operations Director comments, “There is always room for improvement when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and we have taken measures and joined initiatives to help achieve this. MVIS has remained committed to giving back to the environment for 12 years now and will continue to work towards a sustainable future.”

For more information about MVIS environmental policies, please see the ‘Environment’ section on our Safety Hub.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

This week (13 – 19 May) sees the return of Mental Health Awareness Week for 2024. With this year’s focus being on Movement. Since 2001 the Mental Health Foundation has shone the spotlight on mental health across the UK. Each year, they encourage millions of people to take part, from schools and further education, private & public sectors as well as families and individuals.  

 Here at MVIS we go the extra mile to ensure that we protect the mental health and wellbeing of staff with our monthly Journey to Wellbeing tasks. Working in an industry that suffers from high suicide rates, it is of vital importance that we stay one step ahead when it comes to mental health. The initiative, which was introduced by National Highways back in 2023 has seen the team take part in a host of different tasks with the aim of improving mental health by communicating and working as a team. Each year National Highways releases a yearly planner to follow with tasks which we have adapted to best suit our workforce and to increase communication. These include: Game Show style challenges, quizzes and even outdoor team games such as Rounders and Cricket. 

 Over the years, we have taken several steps to safeguard our team’s well-being and mental health. One of the things we’ve done to support our team is by giving them access to 3 qualified mental health first aiders. Our mental health first aiders are Rebecca Prince Purchasing – Supervisor, Jon Larkins, our Midlands and Northern Hub Manager and our Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman 

 Along with these measures, the MVIS team also have access to the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), an anonymous advice and support service offered by Peninsula where staff are able to access structured counselling should it ever be needed. If you feel that you may need advice or support on your mental health, some helpful links will be included below.  

 Anne Ashman said, “The mental health of our team is one of our top priorities and these initiatives provide the ideal opportunity for them to have a break and spend some time together. Here at MVIS we have been working with our staff for a long time now on ways we can best safeguard their mental health and wellbeing, which has helped us build the support system we have in place today.” 


Get help and support:  


Ben Takes Product Showcase On The Road

Man in blue coat stood next to a Variable Message Sign in a Quarry

For over a decade, MVIS have been delivering portable, solar powered ITS Solutions that offer users access to proven safety products that can enhance the safety of your quarry, landfill, or construction work site.

Our solutions provide effective answers to many safety concerns in a quarry construction or work site. We offer trailer based, solar powered Intelligent Quarry Safety Solutions (IQSS) products such as portable variable message signs (VMS), portable CCTV, and data collection solutions that are secure, adaptable, and cost effective.

Introducing Ben

Ben has recently transitioned into the role of Sales and Marketing Executive. A move which reflects MVIS’ dedication to nurturing talent from within. Ben previously held a marketing role within the company, but his multifaceted skillset and exceptional people skills have proven instrumental in fostering great relationships at events throughout 2023 / 24, sufficiently so that Group CEO, Pat Musgrave, was thoroughly impressed with his sales aptitude at various events & shows, and immediately green-lighted the new role.

Having lived near MVIS Midland Hub all his life, Ben knows the area well. Knowing which Quarries in his local area need help with their traffic management and general site safety. He is more than happy to put boots to the ground and visit sites to see if they need any consultation as to where traffic management can be improved or to demonstrate what our products can do. Ben’s 2024 diary is beginning to fill up fast with enquiries from both quarry and landfill site owners, keen to speak with him and to see products showcased at their site as part of MVIS’ Platinum Level Service.

Commenting on Ben’s appointment, Pat said:

“We are thrilled to have Ben step into the position of Sales and Marketing Executive. His work here so far has been fantastic and, coupled with his interpersonal skills, we’ve now seen first-hand over the last 12 months that he’s the ideal person to be a face associated with MVIS to our ever-growing client base across the Quarrying sector. We believe that Ben’s customer-centric approach will play a pivotal role in his success in the role.”

Ben added:

“I am very excited about taking on this role and I am ready for the challenge. It has been a great three years working with MVIS and I am ready to take on this exciting role and start a new chapter whilst at this company.

“I’ve really enjoyed engaging with our client base so far, and the opportunity to showcase who we are and what we do to new people at events throughout the last 12 months has been really enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more faces on the road in the run-up to Hillhead 2024 and beyond.”

If you would like Ben & the team to visit your site for an in-depth demonstration you can contact him at or 07585 256831 for an initial consultation to better understand your needs & desires.

The Wonderful Women within MVIS.

On the back of International Women’s Day, we got to thinking how the ladies at MVIS make each day work. 

Our talented group of women are the driving force of this company. Working in most areas to ensure the company runs correctly, everyone goes home safe, and our Products are up to standard, delivered on time, and well maintained.

The MVIS ladies are not limited to the office, you can often find them across all areas of the company.

Here are some of the amazing women at the core of MVIS:

Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director:

As the companies only original member from the initial start-up, and working at MVIS for almost 13 years now, Anne has been the driving force behind all the accreditations, policies, process, building of the team and general management of MVIS.  Pushing the company forward to new and better opportunities, working with all departments and individuals alike to ensure they always have the resources needed to fulfil their roles.

When she is not in the office planning for the future on projects or supporting the team, she is happy travelling across the UK to one of the 3 strategic hubs.  She can be found working at trade shows, such as Highways at the NEC, liaising with old and new customers, or even on site auditing the delivery team to ensure they meet the platinum level service she expects of every member of her team.

She is quiet often working with R&D on new product ideas, you would be surprised how many products start from Anne & Tom Hooton’s (R&D manager) drawings on a white board.  Anne may even be in the workshop working on our Solar Powered Solutions when a helping hand is needed, these are just a few of the areas she covers.  Also, as our qualified Transport Manager she oversees the fleet with Clair Tranter, head of customer relations.

Juliette Wright and Donna Cree, Sales Team

If you have ever called the MVIS office and been greeted by a pleasant voice at the end of the phone or made an enquiry through and had very quick response, you have, most likely been in contact with Juliette or Donna.

Sales and Business Development Executive Juliette has been visiting companies working on new business and developing relationships further with MVIS customers, Juliette never shies away from a site visit or from a meeting with clients at their offices.

Sales Support Admin, Donna has also visited site with our dedicated drivers, an initiative for all members of staff to understand the importance of safety delivering to roadsides.

Clair Tranter and April Flaherty, Customer Relations

Behind every one of our great delivery team are Customer Relations. Keeping the vehicles on the road, planning the deliveries, repairs of units and supporting all our customers with technical enquiries, relocations and Health & safety paperwork are amongst just a few of their daily tasks, but most of all they are there supporting the drivers on the road.

Clair and April are no strangers to visiting site, both have accompanied a driver to deliver a unit as part of the training initiative.

Clair spent two days in Cobham Delivering with the teams at our Southern Hub.  She regularly supports Anne with the transport management, overseeing getting all vehicles into the garages in a timely manner that ensures we have the resources needed on the road for deliveries to our customers, working on FORS and training all the delivery and workshop team.  She is our resident expert on our delivery system, working closely on health & safety after recently passing her IOSH managing safely to assist the delivery team with all RAMS.

April works on the planning of repairs and servicing of all units to ensure they are working correctly when out on site. Working closely with the workshop team, organising their daily tasks, ensuring stock is available for any repairs needed or for newly built units that are sold.

Mizzy Watson, R & D Assistant

Mizzy was promoted into the R&D team due to her technical knowledge of our ITS products.  She is a regular in the workshop testing new products or helping the workshop team with her knowledge of our products, training team members on the systems and even fixing products to keep them at the expected MVIS standard. 

She is a great help on the technical folders of all our products, ensuring all new products being developed are tested to the correct standards, and supplying the correct information for all the companies departments, to help support getting the units out to site.

One of our crowning achievements at MVIS is the dedication to inclusivity and ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to shine and excel in different areas. We do not limit one person to one area, we are proud of our lovely lady’s commitment to MVIS and helping out on the roads, either from a desk or on the road network.

10 years of Tom: A Decade of Dedication and Innovation

Tom Hooton, MVIS’ Research & Development Manager recently celebrated a significant milestone in his career, marking 10 years of dedicated service to the company.
Tom’s journey at MVIS Ltd is a testament to his unwavering commitment, exceptional work ethic, and passion for the company’s mission and values. Tom’s tenure at MVIS began in 2014 when he joined the company as a maintenance and delivery driver. Tom quickly distinguished himself through his exemplary skills, dedication, and understanding of the company’s products and objectives. Over the years, he has ascended through various roles within the company, climbing the ranks and leaving a mark along the way.

Reflecting on his progression within the company, Tom said: “After transitioning from technical support to Research & Development Manager, I like to believe that I have grown alongside the company. When I first joined, MVIS Ltd was still in its infancy, and it has been incredibly rewarding to witness and contribute to its growth and evolution. I take immense pride in my role, knowing that I play a pivotal part in developing the innovative solutions that define MVIS Ltd.”

Anne Ashman, Group Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS Ltd, recalls her initial encounter with Tom and his subsequent rise within the company.
“In 2014, when I offered Tom a role as a maintenance & delivery driver, I quickly realised that his skill set and dedication were invaluable assets that would contribute significantly to the company’s growth.

“Having had the privilege of working alongside Tom for the past decade, I am delighted to witness his well-deserved recognition. Tom’s commitment to excellence, coupled with his willingness to support colleagues and customers alike, has been instrumental in shaping both our products and our company culture.”

Tom’s impact at MVIS Ltd extends beyond his technical expertise; he is widely admired for his willingness to go above and beyond to assist customers and colleagues alike. His efforts have earned him the respect of his colleagues, culminating in his recent recognition as the recipient of the company’s employee of the year award.
Commenting on the accolade, Anne added:

“It gives me great pleasure to present Tom with our recognition award at Christmas. The fact that Tom’s name emerged repeatedly during the staff voting process is a testament to the profound impact he has had on our organisation.
As MVIS Ltd continues to innovate and expand its range of cutting-edge solutions, Tom remains at the forefront of driving technological advancements and delivering unparalleled value to customers.

IWD2024: Spotlight on Anne Ashman – The View from the Top

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day 2024, it’s rather apt to shine a spotlight on women who are breaking barriers and making significant strides in what could be conceived as traditionally male-dominated industries.

One such trailblazer is Anne Ashman, Group Commercial & Operations Director of MVIS, a leading provider of Portable VMS signs & Intelligent Transport Solutions.

Anne’s journey doesn’t just highlight personal achievement, but also underscores the progress being made in the highways industry towards gender equality and inclusivity. It also showcases MVIS as the inclusive company it is, putting ‘the best person for the job’ as the only criteria on the list for employment & progression opportunities.

Here we take a look at Anne’s career path with MVIS, her time in the highways sector, what brought Anne to where she is today, as well as some of the challenges faced and hurdles overcome on the route.

A Journey of Growth and Leadership

With over a decade of service at MVIS, Anne’s journey is a testament to her commitment, resilience, and leadership qualities.

Starting from the role of Office Manager within the company in 2012, Anne has steadily progressed through the ranks. Her journey exemplifies the opportunities for growth and advancement available to women in the sector, and at MVIS in particular.

The highways industry has historically been perceived as a male-dominated sector. However, the landscape is shifting, with an ever-growing female presence across a range of roles – from operative to boardroom level.

Anne’s leadership role at MVIS highlights this shift, and the company has a further female presence within its workforce to the tune of 35% percent – showcasing the continued opportunities available to females in the sector via a career with MVIS.

With ‘the best person for the job’ the ultimate goal, more women are welcomed not just into the sector in general, but into leadership positions within MVIS.

The Importance of Female Leadership

The presence of female role models like Anne is not only essential for promoting gender equality but also for driving innovation, and adding diverse perspectives within organisations.

As Anne continues to lead by example at MVIS, she contributes to the company’s success and reinforces the importance of female leadership in driving organisational growth and sustainability.

This ‘on the ground’ skillset is in addition to highlighting to females both in, and interested in entering the highways industry that it is a career path that brings opportunity for growth and progression.

A Brighter Future

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Anne’s journey serves as a reminder of the progress being made towards gender equality in the highways industry and beyond.

With more women like Anne assuming leadership roles, the future looks brighter and more inclusive than ever before. As we continue to champion diversity and empower women in the workplace, we pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous industry for all.

We spoke to Anne about being a female leader in a sector typically seen as male dominated, as well as some of the challenges faced, as well as crucially how they were overcome.

Anne told us:

“The sector is certainly a different landscape to the one I entered in 2012, with the number of females drastically increased. Take a look around an industry event or exhibition in 2024 and there’s almost a 50/50 split of males and females in the room. In 2012, women were very much a minority there.

Whilst working in the Highways Sector, I have had opportunities that I may not have had in other industries. Yes, I was a female in a male industry, but as someone who has always believed in equality and a role being filled by the right person, not a gender, then this didn’t bother me.

What I did do was take all the opportunities offered that has allowed me to move to the role I am now in. My list of qualifications and skills is endless, this is what I want others to read, it’s about hard work and grabbing the opportunities you are offered. Whether your female, non-binary, or male, you only gain by putting in the hard work and not being discouraged by being who you are”.

Walking the Walk…For the Third Year Running

For the third year running, MVIS will be sponsoring the Ashgate Hospice High Peak Trail, with this years event taking place on Sunday 17th March. The walk takes place through our stunning Derbyshire countryside and will follow the former Cromford and High Peak Railway. The walk provides a scenic experience for walkers of all ages to enjoy.

Due to last years success at the introduction of 2 new routes, Ashgate Hospice have decided to once again follow the same format with 3 walking options of varying length and difficulty. One, a family friendly 3.5 miles. Something that you can bring children on so you can have a day spent with family (including well behaved dogs). Another route is the 11 mile walk, and the final walk being the full 17 miles. Participants meet at Cromford Meadows before being transported to the starting line.

We recently had the opportunity to take in the trail on which walkers will be undertaking over the weekend in March.

Sales & Business Development Executive Juliette Wright launches this years Trail with Natalie Bell  – Event Fundraiser from Ashgate Hospice. 

We are always proud to sponsor Ashgate Hospice events and are glad to always be there to assist them. As a company we appreciate their work and admire the amount of time, effort and inclusivity they present when holding events such as the Sparkle walk or the High Peak Trail. As a company it is about teamwork and raising money for the people they look after. We already have a couple of the team signed up for this years walk, including Anne Ashman our Commercial and Operations Director and Sales and Business Development Executive Juliette will also be taking part. 

David Storer – Ashgate Hospice Events Organiser: “MVIS are a pleasure to work with. They are always on hand to provide support across all of our fundraising events and go above and beyond to offer solutions that enhance our reach and help us to promote our brand across the region. The team have provided VMS’s for multiple events and appeals that have really helped to raise the awareness of Ashgate Hospice and the vital end of life care that we provide across North Derbyshire. A Huge thank you to MVIS from all of us at Ashgate Hospice!”

Brave the High Peak Trail and soak up the scenic Derbyshire countryside – Sign Up Here

MVIS Interviews the Next Generation of Workers

MVIS are always happy to serve our local community. When MVIS staff were asked to assist with mock interviews at Highfields School, they quickly stepped up to help.

Over the course of a morning, our Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman and Sales and Marketing Executive, Ben Ashman visited Highfields with the opportunity to interview three students each. The mock interviews help prepare the year 11 students for the near future when they will be attending real life interviews for colleges or workplace apprenticeships.

Anne, and Ben, were able to give the students the experience of sitting across from someone in an interview environment. Feedback was supplied to all students on areas they did well and advice on what they could do better, giving them the opportunity to improve their interview technique. 

Over the years, MVIS have worked closely with Highfields, whether it be providing VMS to promote the schools talented students in their annual musical, working on a year end challenge project set by the company or taking part in mock interviews and providing work experience.

Anne Ashman commented “With many members of the MVIS staff being Highfields Alumni, MVIS are always happy to assist.  The mock interviews are also a way for us to “tap in to the local upcoming talent at an early stage”, gaining many apprentices over the last 10 years from Highfields”.

Fighting the Winter Blues with Bakes and Brews

Over 2023, the team at MVIS took part in the Journey to Wellbeing. This initiative was started by National Highways & SMP Alliance, it targets the wellbeing of staff who work in the highways industry.

The industry is everchanging and these new changes are stressful to upkeep and adhere to. Due to this, our company has decided to act and internally host our own wellbeing events.

During these events we stress the importance of the theme whether it be ‘Financial Wellbeing’ or ‘Reducing Overwhelm’ and stress.  At MVIS we have three well-trained Mental Health first aiders, Our Commercial and Operations Director, Anne Ashman, Delivery Supervisor, Jon Larkins, and Purchasing Supervisor, Rebecca Prince.

Expressing the importance of talking to these people in a safe and confidential environment can reduce stress in our team and informs them that there is always someone to help.

The 15th of January 2024 was Blue Monday, a day where we see stress levels rise due to Christmas being so far behind us and pay day so far in-front.

So MVIS decided to have coffee & cakes for the team and play a board game to distract them from the stress of Blue Monday, playing the sock game. A game about collecting specific items out of long socks. Two teams competed to collect Golf Tees, Ping Pong Balls, and Elastic Bands out of long socks. After many rounds Team Tickles won.

Congratulations Team Tickles and congratulations to MVIS on another successful Journey to Wellbeing!

MVIS In The Spirit Of Giving

Christmas is famous for the notion of ‘Giving’. With the cost of living ever rising, it is good to help those who are less fortunate than us.

Every year the volunteers at Clay Cross Food Bank graciously give their time to help families at Christmas and have an equal opportunity at the festivities we all take for granted.

Over the course of December, they have been bagging up items from generous patrons to give to families across our local area in Derbyshire.

Over 100 bags have been packaged to give out at the sessions leading up to Christmas, and they expect 25+ families to attend the session to make sure they can celebrate Christmas.

The team at MVIS have this year given items containing tinned meats, tinned fish, biscuits, cakes, and sanitary products. 

The foodbank explained “dried and tinned goods are best, if we don’t give them all out over the Christmas period, then we save them for the new Year, so we can continue to help in early 2024”.

The foodbank team heavily rely on local companies assisting at this time of year when the need is higher to help families who have found themselves in a dire situation.

This is a cause the team at MVIS believe in and have been happy to take on and contribute again in 2023.  A massive well done to the team at Clay Cross Food Bank.

The Great MVIS Bake Off Final 2023

We have had so much fun raising funds for Ashgate Hospice through various events and activities in 2023. Between September – November we held our in-house baking competition, The Great MVIS Bake Off, Inspired by the popular channel 4 show. This year the competition stepped up a level, with more fierce competition, more star bakers and a different theme each week. 

Throughout the weeks, we saw delicious bakes including cupcakes, brownies, cookies & fudge cakes. Throughout the competition, the best bakers rose to the top and progressed to the knock-out stages, until there were just 2. 

On Monday (6th Nov) we held our grand final between Purchasing Supervisor – Rebecca Prince  & Technical Apprentice – Jacob Spencer. Jacob (Chucky) was going in to his second final in two years after being crowned the Great MVIS Bake Off Winner in 2022. Both bakers were required to bake a Red Velvet cake and neither finalist disappointed.

As the Bake Off is held in order to raise funds for our charity partner Ashgate Hospice, we felt it was only right to get our own guest judges involved. David Storer & Natalie Bell took up the rolls of Paul Hollywood & Prue Leith. After a lot of tasting, deliberation and consulting, not only on flavour but on appearance and texture, David & Natalie crowned Jacob the 2023 Great MVIS Bake Off winner.

We also felt that with our guest judges in attendance, this was the perfect chance to announce our grand total raised for Ashgate Hospice throughout 2023.

We provide support & funds for Ashgate Hospice throughout the year and try to get involved with as many events as we can. These include:

MVIS, also provides the hospice with VMS to promote events throughout the year, including The High Peak Trail & Sparkle Walk.

When. we combined everything we have contributed to Ashgate throughout the year and our grand total is……..£14,982!  An incredible effort by all members or our amazing team. 

David Storer from Ashgate Hospice said:

“MVIS are a fantastic supporter of Ashgate Hospice and always go above and beyond to help us out wherever they can. Whether that’s supplying their digital signs to help with the promotion and safety of our events, helping at our events or even hosting a Bake Off challenge with all proceeds kindly being donated to the Hospice.

The money that MVIS save and raise for the Hospice each year is phenomenal, this year alone the total is just shy of £15k! Amazing!  This can do so much at the Hospice and goes towards ensuring that Ashgate Hospice will be here for the future when people need us the most. Thank you to Anne and all the team at MVIS. It’s such a warm and friendly place and we’re always made to feel welcome. We’re really looking forward to working with MVIS again in 2024.”