The Wonderful Women within MVIS.

On the back of International Women’s Day, we got to thinking how the ladies at MVIS make each day work. 

Our talented group of women are the driving force of this company. Working in most areas to ensure the company runs correctly, everyone goes home safe, and our Products are up to standard, delivered on time, and well maintained.

The MVIS ladies are not limited to the office, you can often find them across all areas of the company.

Here are some of the amazing women at the core of MVIS:

Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director:

As the companies only original member from the initial start-up, and working at MVIS for almost 13 years now, Anne has been the driving force behind all the accreditations, policies, process, building of the team and general management of MVIS.  Pushing the company forward to new and better opportunities, working with all departments and individuals alike to ensure they always have the resources needed to fulfil their roles.

When she is not in the office planning for the future on projects or supporting the team, she is happy travelling across the UK to one of the 3 strategic hubs.  She can be found working at trade shows, such as Highways at the NEC, liaising with old and new customers, or even on site auditing the delivery team to ensure they meet the platinum level service she expects of every member of her team.

She is quiet often working with R&D on new product ideas, you would be surprised how many products start from Anne & Tom Hooton’s (R&D manager) drawings on a white board.  Anne may even be in the workshop working on our Solar Powered Solutions when a helping hand is needed, these are just a few of the areas she covers.  Also, as our qualified Transport Manager she oversees the fleet with Clair Tranter, head of customer relations.

Juliette Wright and Donna Cree, Sales Team

If you have ever called the MVIS office and been greeted by a pleasant voice at the end of the phone or made an enquiry through and had very quick response, you have, most likely been in contact with Juliette or Donna.

Sales and Business Development Executive Juliette has been visiting companies working on new business and developing relationships further with MVIS customers, Juliette never shies away from a site visit or from a meeting with clients at their offices.

Sales Support Admin, Donna has also visited site with our dedicated drivers, an initiative for all members of staff to understand the importance of safety delivering to roadsides.

Clair Tranter and April Flaherty, Customer Relations

Behind every one of our great delivery team are Customer Relations. Keeping the vehicles on the road, planning the deliveries, repairs of units and supporting all our customers with technical enquiries, relocations and Health & safety paperwork are amongst just a few of their daily tasks, but most of all they are there supporting the drivers on the road.

Clair and April are no strangers to visiting site, both have accompanied a driver to deliver a unit as part of the training initiative.

Clair spent two days in Cobham Delivering with the teams at our Southern Hub.  She regularly supports Anne with the transport management, overseeing getting all vehicles into the garages in a timely manner that ensures we have the resources needed on the road for deliveries to our customers, working on FORS and training all the delivery and workshop team.  She is our resident expert on our delivery system, working closely on health & safety after recently passing her IOSH managing safely to assist the delivery team with all RAMS.

April works on the planning of repairs and servicing of all units to ensure they are working correctly when out on site. Working closely with the workshop team, organising their daily tasks, ensuring stock is available for any repairs needed or for newly built units that are sold.

Mizzy Watson, R & D Assistant

Mizzy was promoted into the R&D team due to her technical knowledge of our ITS products.  She is a regular in the workshop testing new products or helping the workshop team with her knowledge of our products, training team members on the systems and even fixing products to keep them at the expected MVIS standard. 

She is a great help on the technical folders of all our products, ensuring all new products being developed are tested to the correct standards, and supplying the correct information for all the companies departments, to help support getting the units out to site.

One of our crowning achievements at MVIS is the dedication to inclusivity and ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to shine and excel in different areas. We do not limit one person to one area, we are proud of our lovely lady’s commitment to MVIS and helping out on the roads, either from a desk or on the road network.