What Can You Do With An MVIS VMS?

The MVIS VMS is a versatile piece of equipment, made in the UK to meet UK needs.

Our VMS are commonly seen on the side of the motorway, but the potential of our VMS is endless. With a wide range of uses our VMS has many different areas of expertise and applies to many different sectors of business.

Here are just a few examples of what VMS from MVIS are suitable for: –



MVIS’ leading product is most known for being seen at the side of motorways helping the UK to achieve safer highways. MVIS provides a scalable, responsive, and cost-effective solution to the problems within the sector of traffic management.

These are but some of the perks of hiring a sign from a company such as MVIS, the VMS keeps traffic moving and the roads safe, but also with the MVIS environmental sensor you can measure the impact your scheme is having on the local area, these can be attached to any of our ITS products.

Our VMS are also equipped to tell you the length of potential travel times accordance to the work on the highways, a simple yet effective use that will affect a road users’ journey.  They will be able to adhere their journey in accordance to the lead times given to drivers to ensure they get to their destination as efficiently as possible while also keeping them informed while on the UK’s roads.

VMS-A’s are tailor made for Roads that have a speed limit of under 50, where as a VMS-C is made for those High Speed Jobs that require you to see the sign before you have passed them on A-Roads or Motorways, roads over 70MPH.



MVIS’ VMS signs are created to inform, this can be informing of upcoming traffic problems in any sector.  For example, at an airport, it’s easy to imagine that airport car parks get busy, especially around the school holidays. The solution…use one of MVIS signs, they are the perfect solution to the problem of overcrowded parking lots. It is easy to program a sign to redirect traffic to a different lot or even to express the potential wait times.

The importance of getting a message across is one of MVIS highest priorities, if an airport is in need of getting important information across to customers, such as the changing of a gate or the cancellation of a flight, why not do it at the beginning of their holiday at the entrance to the airport?



Site safety is important! As an employer, the number one priority is to keep the team safe and to look after a competent workforce, MVIS are one of the leading SME companies in prioritising the safety of their employees and the safety of their customers sites.

A VMS from MVIS is perfect for a construction site whether it be on the side of the busiest motorways or in the city centre. VMS’ can keep the area around the constructions site clear and decongested meaning constructions workers are able to perform their tasks in a distraction free but most importantly safe environment for them to be able to produce the best work possible.

All our VMS can be fitted with a radar to ensure that motorists driving around the sites are watching their speed.  If a vehicle exceeds a certain speed the VMS can display a speed roundel advising of the site speed and a message saying “SLOW DOWN” on the screen ensuring drivers adhere to the sites speed limits.



Quarry sites contribute materials for construction to a wide variety of companies across the nation.

Over time when quarries have served their use, they are transformed into Landfill sites, helping local councils eradicate their litter problems and preventing sites from overthrowing and hurting the environment.

Where does MVIS play apart in this? We are the leading company in Traffic Management on sites across the UK. Trucks will come into a site and will get stuck in Traffic waiting for one way routes to be cleared, an MVIS Intelligent LED Sign is used to direct traffic with messages such as ‘Next Truck’ or ‘Wait at the Bottom’.

We have been able to implement this across many Quarry sites and it has proven to work keeping quarry managers happy and HGV drivers safe.



Stand out from the crowd with responsive, high impact event communications.

If an event is being a planned whether it be a Festival, Sporting day, Pride, Fun Run for charity, a farmers’ market at the peak of popularity or a corporate event that the big sale relies on. There is no better way to make sure that the event goes without informing customers, hiring a sign from MVIS promotes your event.

VMS signs have many ways of being a help to any event, they can display timings of the events and when they start, allocate parking spaces for customers or even to advertise an event to make it as successful as a customer wants it to be.

With a proven track record of effective deployment and success, MVIS products have been tried and tested on some of the biggest events this country has ever seen, such as the 2012 Olympics, Brighton Pride, V Festival, Silverstone and The Grand National.



A journey to the port ready to set sail on a fantastic holiday is a nice way to spend hard earned time off work, but a port can also be an unsafe area.  Most port workers struggle to allocate traffic management and to enforce speed zones in the area to make sure that port workers are in the safest environment they can be.

Not only can MVIS ensure worker safety, but passengers setting sail on the high seas can get all the information they need such as where they need to park, where their boat is docked and how they need to get there.


Our VMS have many uses in all sectors and are adaptable to all situations.  As a result of its flexibility, It is easy to understand why a customer would want to hire a VMS from MVIS and why customers keep coming back to us for both hire & sale.

As well as award winning customer service, an MVIS VMS has all the extras and much more. As a company, MVIS has a lot to offer in accordance with safety and keeping workforces in top condition so they can continue to keep the UK running.

Hire VMS from The Best at MVIS!


Airport & Port Traffic Management System

Traffic flow around ports and airports are often a difficult issue for everyone, as millions of people flow every year through our UK ports, often causing problems relating to congestion, security and of course, safety. With the future to think about, the UK faces major issues dealing with Brexit delays at ports, calling for a robust Port Traffic Management System.

Having worked with major UK ports such as Heathrow Airport, MVIS boasts a solid reputation in airport and port traffic management, providing secure, cost effective and versatile ITS solutions that are trusted by some of the most important ports and airports in the country.


Offering a reliable solution for traffic communications, our range of solar powered portable VMS (variable message signs) have a secure footprint and are ideal for communicating information to drivers, helping to calm traffic and congestion around ports. Requiring no civils, external power or communications source, our VMS can be reconfigured quickly and easily to respond to operational changes as required.

Ideal in a number of port-based applications, our VMS-A units are designed for roads with speed zones up to 50mph and can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with radar. Featuring industry- leading technology that boasts a range of functions that are not available with any other mobile VMS, these units are versatile and suitable for many requirements a port may have.

Our signs are ideal to assist with –

  • Traffic management
  • Car park management
  • Speed zone enforcement
  • Site safety / COVID messaging
  • Brexit management / port delays
  • Passenger information

External traffic management, for example, is a serious consideration for a port, especially a major port in the UK, post Brexit, that sees high footfall and traffic levels.

At periods of expected congestion, such as when flight times change or something unpredictable happens, having a mobile VMS-A on the way to the airport informing drivers of the potential issues can be an incredibly helpful tool in the management of traffic in this situation.

Likewise for on-site applications, the benefits of VMS are felt throughout a port’s area of responsibility, especially for car parks and speed zone enforcement applications. Our mobile VMS can be used for many requirements related to car parks, such as way finding or to signify closed or off-limit areas.

However, for speed zone enforcement applications, our VMS comes into its own, featuring a built-in radar that can trigger speed reactive messages such as ‘TOO FAST’ to drivers who are not keeping within the speed limit. This aspect is incredibly important for safety, especially for roads that see high pedestrian footfall.

Being solar powered equips our VMS-A with a fully autonomous solar charging system that delivers a high quality, bright and low power consuming LED display, costing nothing to run in energy and making it an environmentally friendly solution. This is particularly important for ports, where high levels of pollution are often a considerable concern. In this sense the VMS-A offers a solution that will not directly contribute to a port’s carbon footprint.

However, for needs where space may be limited, such as in more pedestrianised areas, MVIS also offer an HD VMS that is much smaller than even the VMS-A. Whilst not natively solar powered, the HD Compact VMS delivers an HD red and white dual colour display with radar and weighs below 10kg, allowing installation on existing fixtures, furniture or on its own battery box and post, making it incredibly flexible. What’s more is that its power supply can be drawn from battery, solar or mains, making it ideal for fixed, permanent applications as well as temporary ones.

Whilst our innovative products offer ideal solutions, MVIS as a company are unparalleled in our hire services, offering industry leading care along with our solutions. For particularly lengthy deployments such as for construction work or congestion causing issues that span over a longer period of time, our dedicated team (who closely monitor all of our units via a range of methods) take care in ensuring that batteries are charged and all VMS are operational, going out on site to perform battery changes or check on our unit if something goes wrong.

As one of our leading product ranges, you can be sure that our VMS solutions are a safe and stable solution for your requirements. From communicating information to directing traffic and footfall, if you, like many others, think that a temporary VMS from MVIS could help your port traffic management needs, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP)

Our Solar IP is available for hire along with a wide range of our products, offering a flexible and responsive approach to port traffic management and communication requirements. As a simple and cost-effective power solution, the Solar IP offers an integrated intelligent transport system that meets specific needs for any combination of our ANPR, CCTV or radar. Including a 12V, 24V or 48V battery, our Solar IP boasts the latest solar charging system and is not dependant on an external energy supply, making it environmentally friendly.

One of our most innovative and ground-breaking products, the Solar IP is an ideal power source for temporary ITS solutions that have proven their value to countless numbers of happy clients.

Portable CCTV

Our trailer mounted portable CCTV units come complete with our Solar IP, making this product environmentally friendly as well as portable and versatile. Ideal for port applications, this product excels where monitoring and safety are of critical importance.

Portable CCTV is perfect for any location within the grounds of a port, providing users with the ability to respond quickly to changes, a very important aspect when port security is such a high priority.

This solar powered CCTV solution features Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and incorporates the latest video technology that delivers excellent frame rates, even in poor signal areas. With a flat, toughened glass window, our easy to operate portable CCTV is protected to IP67, making it reliable under all conditions.

ANPR with Solar IP

ANPRData is a vital tool for anywhere that has to deal with a high traffic level. Keeping abreast with changes in traffic behaviour or form can help analysts better manage future traffic requirements.

Possibly more critical however, is the data needed for parking applications. Parking is a huge industry within ports, with customers often leaving their vehicles in high demand parking spaces for lengthy periods of time, so the ability to monitor and enforce parking restrictions is an incredibly important aspect of port car park management.

Our solar powered ANPR solution offers industry leading ANPR technology, facilitating the flexible combination of ANPR and overview cameras and enables any pairing of monochrome, colour or day-night cameras. Operating automatically, this highly portable solution can auto-detect vehicles as they pass through the field of view, or it can be linked to an external trigger for weigh in motion capture or other applications where only specific vehicles are required to be detected.

From a data collection perspective, these portable ANPR cameras could also be used for the purposes of research and data collection, taking the opportunity to collect vehicle data about those who drive to and park at your port, offering you more insight into how you can better manage traffic. Allowing you to collect data such as vehicle quantities or arrival times gives operations coordinators the opportunity to learn about visitors in a way that can help preparation and planning.

Aside from the data collection aspect, this solution can also help to prevent unauthorised parking in forbidden areas, keeping necessary parking spaces clear which can be important for safety and security.

For more information about how MVIS can help with your port traffic management needs, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via sales@m-vis.co.uk.

How ITS Technology can help the Airport Industry post COVID-19

As an industry we have worked with in the past, we are taking steps to help airports around the UK return to some degree of normal. With the country reopening, most areas that are open to the public require some kind of COVID-19 provision to best serve the safety of the public, and airports, as the gatekeepers of international travel, perhaps have one of the biggest responsibilities of all.

MVIS offer products that can help airports handle the challenges they are facing during this time. What’s more is that our portable products help with these issues whilst being environmentally friendly, offering additional benefits that bring a wealth of extra value and in some cases, these benefits can even be a primary feature.

Variable Message Signs

MVIS offer a range of variable message signs (VMS) in different sizes, depending on the application. For directing foot traffic, our latest HD Compact VMS is ideal for inside and outside. With its small footprint, it can be placed in busy areas without taking up too much space and can allow airport site managers to control queues and communicate easily to visitors.

The larger VMS-C also has a history of being used for directing foot traffic, with a strong record in crowd control across some of the biggest events in the UK. Being used for marshalling, way finding and information, our units are great for keeping people informed.

Our VMS have the capability to display text or pictograms and can be updated remotely via web browser or mobile app, allowing you to stay responsive to shifting needs, as the situation and message changes during this uncertain time.

Since all our VMS were built for traffic management, these units excel in traffic management applications. The mid-sized VMS-A, for example, is perfect for directing drivers on roads with speeds of up to 50mph and can be deployed in locations leading up to the airport to help control on-coming traffic. They can also be especially effective in car parks to communicate information to people before they enter the airport.

All our VMS also come with an integrated data collection radar. This offers you access to a solar powered historical portable traffic data source, allowing for analysis of traffic trends. This multi-functional solution can gather valuable data whilst getting vital messages across. This will help airports gather intelligence about the traffic they are having to deal with, to identify hot spots and risks, allowing them to make informed decisions that may impact safety and order.

Solar Intelligent Platform – ANPR / CCTV

The Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) is a highly innovative, trailer-based solar powered ‘power bank’, that allows for the flexible combination of technologies, granting them portability and solar power. This has led to a number of innovations in the market such as portable ANPR and CCTV, which are great solutions for airport car parks and offer a means of revenue generation and increased security, which may be especially important during the pandemic.

When used in conjunction with a VMS, our CCTV can also be used as part of a feedback solution that can monitor areas of risk. By updating the message on the VMS manually via browser or mobile app to respond to situations as they occur, site managers can help to deal with issues quickly without being on site.

For more information about how our products can be used in airports under COVID-19 conditions, or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with crowd control, social distancing or queue management, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via sales@m-vis.co.uk.

All Eyes on CCTV: Benefits of Portable CCTV

We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and never has this been more appropriate than when talking about CCTV.

A second pair of eyes can be a valuable asset to any task – especially a pair that never misses a thing and is never wrong! If you’re responsible for managing large-scale events with high volumes of traffic and people, well placed CCTV can be extremely beneficial.

MVIS provides portable CCTV for hire across the UK. Ideal for road works, school zones and any event with high footfall or traffic, the system incorporates the latest video technology that enables us to balance the image quality and frame rate in order to provide the best footage even in poor signal areas – so no matter where your event is, MVIS delivers excellent coverage.

Benefits of hiring CCTV from MVIS

Monitoring Activity

Mobile CCTV can quickly and accurately keep track of real-time activity and movement within any area. Couple it with MVIS’ HD Radar to support speed detection and data collection.  The CCTV unit features a 10x optical zoom, offering the user great visual control.

Crime Deterrent

The presence of CCTV has been proven to reduce theft of, and from, vehicles. At large-scale events which see huge volumes of parked vehicles, CCTV acts as a deterrent to would-be car thieves.

Long Lasting Battery Life

All of our trailers are solar powered and come with a large battery back-up on board, enabling them to run autonomously for months at a time.

Robust and Hardworking

Our CCTV units are tried and tested, and have been put through the toughest conditions to ensure they are up to any task. Made with a flat and toughened glass window and including a built-in camera lens wiper, our units are extremely strong and durable. But just because they’re hard working, it doesn’t mean they’re hard to use – our portable CCTV are very easy to operate and reliable under all conditions.

24/7 Support

MVIS is proud of the high level of excellent customer service it provides. All hire customers can access our 24/7 support service which guarantees an initial response from our team within 4-hours, the issue will then be explored further with the customer updated on progress from there.

For more information about portable CCTV from MVIS, please contact us on 01629 580 570 or at sales@m-vis.co.uk

Variable Messaging Signs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How are the VMS programmed?

A – The VMS are programmed remotely using our innovative WebStudio™ system which is a web based program which can be used on any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device or personal computer. You can pinpoint the different VMS units you have out on the road and change the display in an instant. Perfect if you need to relay important information to road users or event users quickly and efficiently.

Q – How long does it take to change the message on a VMS?

A – It’s almost instantaneous. Providing you have access to a computer or Wi-Fi enabled Apple device, you can change your displayed message in a matter of minutes.

Q – Can the VMS be tracked?

A – Yes all the VMS are fitted with a GPRS controller which can be tracked via WebStudio™.

Q – Can you upload a message to multiple VMS?

A – Yes. WebStudio™ allows you to group the VMS units together – no matter where they are located – to allow multiple uploads at one time.

Q – Can you upload messages to display at certain times?

A – Yes, the VMS can be scheduled on WebStudio™ to allow certain messages to appear at your requested times.

Q- Can the VMS be programmed on a smartphone?

A – Yes. The VMS can be programmed on any Wi-Fi enabled Apple smartphone or tablet via the Curbsite Lite app.

Q – Can the VMS display pictograms eg, speed roundels and traffic signs?

A – Yes. The VMS can display five different colours (amber, white, red, green and blue) and there is a wide range of pre-saved messages and signs commonly used within the motor industry which can be shared with customers.

Q – Are the VMS and Solar IPs secure when on site?

A – Yes. The VMS and Solar IPS are padlocked in all areas as standard to ensure security on site. They are GPRS enabled so we can see where they are at all times.

Q – Can the VMS be fitted with Radar?

A – Yes. The VMS can be fitted with Radar to enable speed triggered messages.

Q – Do the VMS and Solar IPs have batteries?

A – Yes. They come with solar powered batteries and the battery levels are monitored daily to ensure the products are working at all times.

Q – If I require assistance with one of the products, does MVIS offer an out of hours service?

A – Yes. MVIS offers a 24/7 service to customers. You can contact us by calling 01629 580570 and we guarantee a response within 4 hours.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01629 580 570 or at sales@m-vis.co.uk


MVIS signs support traffic management plan at Heathrow’s Terminal 2

With their fully autonomous solar charging system, the innovative five colour VMS signs operate continually under normal operating conditions. It was this system that was chosen by BAA to support the master traffic management plan surrounding Heathrow Airport’s £800m Terminal 2 replacement construction programme, which is due for completion in 2014.

The VMS signs, which have Highways Agency approval for replicating Chapter 8 signage, give customers the choice to create more ‘stand out’ messaging by replicating brand logos and using multiple colours, on roads where TSRDG (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions) regulations are not in force.

BAA now has the ability to project often fast-changing passenger information using individual airline’s brand colours and logos. Martin Draper BAA Landside Senior Operations Manager at Heathrow said, “The visual impact of colour on these signs has had an immediate positive effect on traffic flow. Terminal 2 is currently an extremely busy part of the airport roads network due to the volume of construction traffic, traffic management restrictions and the need for our customers to access terminals 1 and 3, and the signs have proved invaluable in minimising disruption.”

“The signs are performing well 24/7 and we’re particularly pleased with the longevity of battery life and Web Studio, the sign management system, which provides flexibility to change messages instantly from any Internet enabled PC. We can produce and schedule our own messages and graphics and see the exact location and real time message of each sign simply by logging into the system.”

To find out more about MVIS visit www.m-vis.co.uk