How ITS Technology can help the Airport Industry post COVID-19

As an industry we have worked with in the past, we are taking steps to help airports around the UK return to some degree of normal. With the country reopening, most areas that are open to the public require some kind of COVID-19 provision to best serve the safety of the public, and airports, as the gatekeepers of international travel, perhaps have one of the biggest responsibilities of all.

MVIS offer products that can help airports handle the challenges they are facing during this time. What’s more is that our portable products help with these issues whilst being environmentally friendly, offering additional benefits that bring a wealth of extra value and in some cases, these benefits can even be a primary feature.

Variable Message Signs

MVIS offer a range of variable message signs (VMS) in different sizes, depending on the application. For directing foot traffic, our latest HD Compact VMS is ideal for inside and outside. With its small footprint, it can be placed in busy areas without taking up too much space and can allow airport site managers to control queues and communicate easily to visitors.

The larger VMS-C also has a history of being used for directing foot traffic, with a strong record in crowd control across some of the biggest events in the UK. Being used for marshalling, way finding and information, our units are great for keeping people informed.

Our VMS have the capability to display text or pictograms and can be updated remotely via web browser or mobile app, allowing you to stay responsive to shifting needs, as the situation and message changes during this uncertain time.

Since all our VMS were built for traffic management, these units excel in traffic management applications. The mid-sized VMS-A, for example, is perfect for directing drivers on roads with speeds of up to 50mph and can be deployed in locations leading up to the airport to help control on-coming traffic. They can also be especially effective in car parks to communicate information to people before they enter the airport.

All our VMS also come with an integrated data collection radar. This offers you access to a solar powered historical portable traffic data source, allowing for analysis of traffic trends. This multi-functional solution can gather valuable data whilst getting vital messages across. This will help airports gather intelligence about the traffic they are having to deal with, to identify hot spots and risks, allowing them to make informed decisions that may impact safety and order.

Solar Intelligent Platform – ANPR / CCTV

The Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) is a highly innovative, trailer-based solar powered ‘power bank’, that allows for the flexible combination of technologies, granting them portability and solar power. This has led to a number of innovations in the market such as portable ANPR and CCTV, which are great solutions for airport car parks and offer a means of revenue generation and increased security, which may be especially important during the pandemic.

When used in conjunction with a VMS, our CCTV can also be used as part of a feedback solution that can monitor areas of risk. By updating the message on the VMS manually via browser or mobile app to respond to situations as they occur, site managers can help to deal with issues quickly without being on site.

For more information about how our products can be used in airports under COVID-19 conditions, or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with crowd control, social distancing or queue management, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via