All Eyes on CCTV: Benefits of Portable CCTV

We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and never has this been more appropriate than when talking about CCTV.

A second pair of eyes can be a valuable asset to any task – especially a pair that never misses a thing and is never wrong! If you’re responsible for managing large-scale events with high volumes of traffic and people, well placed CCTV can be extremely beneficial.

MVIS provides portable CCTV for hire across the UK. Ideal for road works, school zones and any event with high footfall or traffic, the system incorporates the latest video technology that enables us to balance the image quality and frame rate in order to provide the best footage even in poor signal areas – so no matter where your event is, MVIS delivers excellent coverage.

Benefits of hiring CCTV from MVIS

Monitoring Activity

Mobile CCTV can quickly and accurately keep track of real-time activity and movement within any area. Couple it with MVIS’ HD Radar to support speed detection and data collection.  The CCTV unit features a 10x optical zoom, offering the user great visual control.

Crime Deterrent

The presence of CCTV has been proven to reduce theft of, and from, vehicles. At large-scale events which see huge volumes of parked vehicles, CCTV acts as a deterrent to would-be car thieves.

Long Lasting Battery Life

All of our trailers are solar powered and come with a large battery back-up on board, enabling them to run autonomously for months at a time.

Robust and Hardworking

Our CCTV units are tried and tested, and have been put through the toughest conditions to ensure they are up to any task. Made with a flat and toughened glass window and including a built-in camera lens wiper, our units are extremely strong and durable. But just because they’re hard working, it doesn’t mean they’re hard to use – our portable CCTV are very easy to operate and reliable under all conditions.

24/7 Support

MVIS is proud of the high level of excellent customer service it provides. All hire customers can access our 24/7 support service which guarantees an initial response from our team within 4-hours, the issue will then be explored further with the customer updated on progress from there.

For more information about portable CCTV from MVIS, please contact us on 01629 580 570 or at