The MVIS Platinum Service Promise

Over the years, MVIS have built a solid reputation in the industry for providing excellent service to all customers on all projects, no matter the size or customer, we consistently offer our clients the very best service possible.

In recent months, we have been looking for ways that we can underscore this commitment to our customers and offer them an assurance on us as a company, for our service and for our products.

Our Platinum Service Promise is this –

“Platinum Level Service for Bronze Level Prices”

Our Quality & Service document serves to outline what we consider to be ‘Platinum Level Service’ and also highlights just how special our services are. 

We have always had a good relationship with our clients and we regularly receive positive feedback and comments that often credit us for one of the aspects listed in our Quality & Service Document.

Each time a customer comes to us with enthusiastic comments about our service, we see this not just as an opportunity to celebrate our collective achievement, but also to reinforce this standard of service within our team. Reinforcing these standards offers us the chance to make it very clear to our team what level of service we strive towards. It also helps our staff feel appreciated, giving them job satisfaction and rewarding their hard work.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director comments “The Platinum Service Promise is a symbol of our commitment to service and customers. We have thought long and hard about a way we can demonstrate this, culminating in this promise to clients to always give them our very best. We are incredibly proud of our service record and the positive comments we receive from our customers.”

Anne continues, “However, it’s vital that we never lose sight of the importance of continuous improvement. Our Platinum Service Promise works in conjunction with our customer’s comments and internal audits to keep us on our toes, make us accountable and give us an opportunity to work on areas that may need another look. Having this trusting relationship with our customers allows us to consistently cater to their needs so we don’t miss anything as their needs evolve.”