Product Spotlight: HD Compact VMS

MVIS’ HD Compact VMS was the first temporary variable message sign (VMS) designed for use within work zones in order to improve safety and for public information.

We have a good reputation in the industry for working with government sectors and traffic management companies in developing innovative products that meet specific requirements. This high definition, dual colour (red and white) unit is no exception, having been developed with certain requirements in mind as a result of market research we conducted with our customers.

Weighing below 10kg, this unit can be installed on existing street furniture or on its own battery box and post. Also available in a mains-powered format or with battery and solar power, the HD Compact VMS can be used for portable, temporary applications or in a fixed, permanent context on urban highways.

As if this unit isn’t innovative enough, MVIS’ HD Compact went on to spark a revolution in the industry, leading to competing iterations of this product appearing on the market. However, in true MVIS / Bartco UK fashion, our unit is separated from copies by its ingenious data collection radar than can be used to identify traffic trends.

The implications of this are significant, especially following the COVID-19 outbreak. Data as a commodity in the name of safety is a highly valuable asset that’s only becoming more important as local authorities, traffic management companies and many other groups are eager to understand more about traffic trends during this time to learn about the impact of COVID-19.

Data, however, has always been important for identifying trends and risks, and the HD Compact offers this feature as standard, making it a low cost, multi-functional solution to alternative data collection units and other VMS.

Since the launch of the HD Compact in 2016, MVIS have gathered enough feedback from customers to continue significant and meaningful development of this unit, leading to some exciting news due to be announced by MVIS and Bartco UK this year pertaining to the features and functionality of this already innovative unit.

For more information about our HD Compact or if you would like to know more about how you can use our units to help with social distancing or data collection, please contact us via our contact form.

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