MVIS hybrid offers the best of both worlds

MVIS has launched the first hybrid Journey Time Solution (JTS) for use on portable VMS in the UK. Portable and easy to install, the pioneering Tom-Tom Journey Time Solution (JTS) enables traffic managers to use the journey time data provided by both the Highways England National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC) and Tom-Tom.

NTOC data covers the UK’s strategic road network (motorways and large A roads) while Tom-Tom provides coverage for 99% of all UK roads. Access to both, using the same portable VMS, means traffic managers now have total flexibility in the journey time information they can display at roadworks.

For example, VMS deployed at motorway roadworks will use the NTOC information to display journey times between junctions but if information about a diversion away from the motorway is required, the VMS can be switched to Tom-Tom to access journey time information for roads not covered by the NTOC.

Keeping road users better informed and being able to identify incidents in real-time helps ease congestion and improve safety around roadworks. MVIS’ innovative hybrid system can also combine the estimated journey times from both systems for the most accurate journey time estimates and is especially well suited for overnight diversions for motorway road works.

The Tom-Tom JTS from MVIS is the latest addition to MVIS comprehensive range of innovative, fully autonomous Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions designed to help traffic managers operate temporary traffic scenarios safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

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