Taking the environmentally friendly route

Last week the government was forced to publish its plans for tackling air pollution and the risk it poses to public health – the noxious oxides and particulates linked to higher incidence of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer is estimated to be responsible for 40,000 premature deaths every year. *

At the heart of the debate is how best to deal with the emissions – diesel or otherwise –  from the increasing numbers of vehicles on our congested roads. Pressure is already building for an expansion of the UK’s clean air zones and even a Clean Air Act to better protect public health.

In the meantime much can be done to help reduce air pollution, for example communicating to road users the steps they can take to reduce the emissions themselves.  

Traffic managers regularly plan for situations that are likely to have high volumes of slow-moving traffic (including heavy road works and large events) and, with MVIS’ Auto Detect system, can use these valuable opportunities to educate road users about how they can use the UK’s roads in a more environmentally friendly way.

Auto Detect is an innovative integrated transport system (ITS) solution that combines a series of variable message signs and master Intellicone Traffic Management Unit with a set of traffic lights. When the lights turn red, the wirelessly activated VMS displays a message to stationary drivers.

These pre-programmed messages can include facts about the levels of air pollution caused on UK roads as well as advice on how motorists can effectively lower their own emissions, such as turning off their engines when in stationary traffic queues, keeping their vehicles well maintained and removing excess cargo.

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