MVIS Gives Back with Food Bank Donation

Bringing our Christmas community initiatives to a close this year, members of MVIS and Bartco UK are very proud to have been working on a grocery collection this month to donate to a local food bank. At this time of year, it is very important to us as an organisation and as individuals to give back to our local community. So, in addition to the other community projects we have been working on this festive period, we have also had this project ticking in the background as our donations table continued to get fuller over the past 2 weeks.

It was suggested that amongst the donations we focus on items of ‘need’, that is, items that don’t often get donated that the organisers need in order to make up full food packs, signalling MVIS and Bartco UK to donate 4 full boxes of items for donation.

Urgently needed items included long life milk, squash / juice, deodorants, shampoo, coffee and tinned meat, which were heavily featured items in our donation, along with a few extra special Christmas treats to bring a bit of excitement to those in need for their Christmas food pack.Organisers of our local food bank, The Trussell Trust are dedicated to reducing poverty and dependency on food banks, claiming “We always welcome donations and promise to use them to provide help to people in crisis.” The donations given for this cause are used exclusively for people in the UK and are absolutely vital in ensuring that The Trussell Trust can give everyone referred to them a balanced and nutritious three-day supply of food.

When we reached the deadline for our donation to be dropped off, we had an entire table’s worth of items to take with us to a nearby drop off point. A list of drop off points in the Chesterfield area can be found on the Chesterfield Food Bank website

Marching our donations over,  our team were proud to represent MVIS in the conclusion of our final charity project of the year, delivering our donations to a local supermarket drop off point.

For more information about your local food back, please visit The Trussell Trust website or alternatively, you can find more details on donating here