Bringing Boxing Day into the 21st Century

No one really knows the origins of Boxing Day; the true story of why we call December 26th Boxing Day is actually hotly contested, although it is apparent that most people have an opinion and stick to it. Although more likely to be originating from the 17th Century tradition to give a ‘Christmas box’ to tradesman on the 26th, amongst the most popular theories of why ‘Boxing Day’ is so named involves dealing with the multitude of boxes the are left over from the famous day of gift giving and unwrapping.

So prevalent are these boxes that today’s use of the term ‘Boxing Day’ may as well refer to the day ‘we deal with the rubbish’. After filling the recycling bin and possibly even a tip run, there is no doubt that over those few days, no matter how many times you try to deal with the ‘box situation’, it will just keep coming back as new toys and electronics get unboxed and played with.

As part of our responsibility to not only our staff and community, but also our planet, this year, MVIS will be opening its doors to employees over this time to allow them to use our recycling facilities so staff can dispose of cardboard boxes responsibly. In doing this, MVIS hopes to ensure that boxes and wrapping paper are recycled rather than ending up in landfill after squeezing those last few bits into the general waste bin because they won’t fit anywhere else.

MVIS takes this responsibility seriously, with some very big news due to hit our blog early next year, we will be completely reviewing our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy to continuously improve ourselves and work on what we can give back to the wider community and to our planet.

Stay tuned for more information about what our new CSR Policy will contain.

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to New Year as much as we are!