Inhouse development- Cain Gregory

Here at MVIS and Bartco UK, we have spent 9 years building and devoting ourselves to not only being the UK`s #1 producer and distributor of VMS units, but we have also spent countless hours in training and developing young people’s abilities when it comes to working within a competitive industry.

We have had 9 staff members join us at an apprentice level, and a further 8 of these continued with us after the completion of their apprentices. Not only do we offer apprenticeship programs, but we also hold work experience places yearly as part of our corporate social responsibility.  Being able to offer jobs and chances to the next generation is how we feel we have been able to strive within the industry and bring new fresh ideas to the table, such as our first-of-its-kind Genuine HD Quattro Unit. Designed and developed here in the UK.

One of our team who has continued to strive with us is our very own, Cain Gregory. Joining us in 2016 for a week of work experience, Cain showed us how he was able to excel within our industry, and our then general manager, Anne Ashman was so impressed with his quick learning and positive approach to working within our fast-paced industry that she offered him a permanent place on our apprenticeship program for the following year.

Being with us for the past 4 years, Cain has achieved multiple certificates and qualifications, his determination to learn and focus is something that we are incredibly proud of. This work ethic has just seen him completing his apprenticeship and has since approached his line manager and requested further courses and qualifications in order to yet again improve himself and his career to greater ability.

Cain is now working towards the completion of a CAD qualification and a Supervisor course. This attitude has seen Cain being awarded the Employee of the month certification, nominated by our UK Group Commercial and Operations Manager, thanking him for stepping up during Covid and taking on the workload of some of our other team members who were in isolation, all alongside completing his apprenticeship.

Cain has shown himself time and time again to be an integral part of our award-winning team, and we could not be prouder to have him continue with us now that his apprenticeship is complete! A big congratulations to Cain for all of his hard work and determination over the last 4 years, and we can’t wait to see what the future has install for such a positive, hard-working individual!