Web Studio – Industry Leading VMS Control Software

For many years now, MVIS and Bartco have been associated with practical, effective and reliable portable solar powered ITS safety solutions.

Offering the first 5-colour VMS to the UK market, the Bartco brand is well known for launching innovations. One of the big areas we have been receiving consistent enthusiasm for over the years has been our Variable Message Sign (VMS) management software, Web Studio.

Web Studio is certainly an industry leading management software, offering many time saving, convenient and simple features, as well as things that competing systems don’t.

At its core, Web Studio is a VMS management tool that allows users of our signs to change and update messaging remotely. Allowing you to produce text or pictograms, your chosen messages can be created, saved to a library and then scheduled or shared across multiple signs if needed, making it even easier to manage messaging in large projects and to push out messages quickly.

The sophisticated package also saves travel time and costs by enabling the instant communication from most internet enabled devices. Unlike some other systems which require local installation, Web Studio can be operated from a web browser, meaning signs can be updated quickly and easily without needing to install the program to your device, making it ideal for temporary applications.  

Users can also view a map of their signs and zoom in, observe and adjust any number of signs in line with developments on the ground. This feature also helps allow quick identification and easy monitoring of assets, which is ideal for sign purchases, as well as route planning for in-house maintenance. Web Studio even offers an auto-routing option linked to Google Maps, routing you to the chosen unit quickly and easily.

Using Web Studio, clients can keep a close eye not just on their unit’s location, but also their status and past use as it also relays battery voltages, program history and its connection strength to the system.

For security concerns, Web Studio also offers logins at levels, allowing you to set up account restrictions so only certain members of the team have access to specific permissions. With live signs out in public, this is an important feature for many clients.

For on-the-go changes, signs can be updated using the BartcoLive app, which offers everything that Web Studio offers, but designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. With the BartcoLive app, wherever you are and at any time, you can control the messages displayed on any of your portable VMS with greater speed and flexibility.

Web Studio and BartcoLive also allow for the activation and general management of some of the wider functionality of our signs. For example, integrated in all of our VMS units is a data collection radar that can be used to collect traffic data. Web Studio allows for the download and management of this data as well as the ability to enable our sign’s speed activation functionality, which displays a specific message upon being triggered by a vehicle driving above a certain speed.

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