Zero Incidents in 8 years as the industry buys into ‘Aim For Zero’

The Highways England ‘Aiming for Zero’ programme targets those working on the Highways England network who are directly at risk from road users.

Companies within the industry have aligned with Highways England on this, as the aim for zero incidents via a focus on worker safety has come to the fore.

Roadworker safety: Highways England’s Aiming For Zero programme

The Aiming for Zero programme:

  • Sets a clear goal for the Agency’s health and safety performance
  • Confirms Highways England’s leadership role in the industry
  • Brings together health and safety work across the whole business

MVIS and Bartco UK are dedicated to ‘Aim for Zero’ to fall in line with both Highways England and Tier 1 contractors across the network.

The companies place safety at the heart of their operations, with in-house, on-site and off-site training, holding regular briefings and safety workshops as well as attending site instruction meetings.

MVIS and Bartco UK are proud to be able to state that they are both zero-incident companies. This exemplary safety record goes right back to day 1 of the businesses meaning zero incidents is an ‘ever’ statement and not a ‘this year’ statement.

Anne Ashman, General Manager of MVIS and Bartco UK spoke to us about the prized ‘0’ as well as the approach to safety that keeps it intact:

“We invest heavily in our safety ethos to do all we can to remain on zero incidents. Safety is at the centre of the 2 companies, with our ethos ‘Safe Mind, Work Safe, Work Well’ leading the way internally.

“We make sure we support our workforce with site safety workshops, courses and briefings as it’s paramount everyone that goes out on the roads for MVIS or Bartco UK gets home safely at the end of the shift.

“In September, I’ll be starting my NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) to carry on working on continual improvement of our safety practices and protocols.”