Celebrating 8/9 Years- Graeme Lee and Dom Bridge


This month we are celebrating the anniversary of two of our longest serving members of the team, Graeme Lee and Dom Bridge. With over 24 years of experience in the industry between them both, we are proud to boast of our award-winning customer service and keen eye for detail within the fast-paced business which we operate in.

Joining the team in 2012, Graeme’s knowledge and experience in sales quickly saw him forming relationships with clients and has continued to maintain and develop these through his last 9 years with us here at MVIS. Understanding the importance of customer service, quality trading and value in company to client relationships, Graeme’s loyalty and dedication to the company has led him to ultimately being promoted to our Sales Director, and is now overseeing our ever growing sales department, as we see MVIS grow and expand.

Next, we have Dom Bridge. Beginning his career here at MVIS as an admin apprentice and joining our first apprenticeship scheme, Dom began to grow and develop his career ambitions. This has led him to achieve his Chartered Manager level 5 qualification, after 6 years of applying himself to both job and multiple courses. Dom was promoted to Operations Manager in 2020. This promotion being well deserved, Dom`s advanced understanding of the industry and commitment to his own personal growth, as well as that of the company, is something that we are incredibly proud of here at MVIS.

MVIS would like to say a big `Thank you` to our incredible team, and an even bigger thank you to Graeme and Dom for their devotion to us over the years, as we understand that we are only as good as each individual which is behind us, and we are incredibly lucky to have our remarkable team at the heart of MVIS.