Hillhead: Your Complete Guide to the Quarry Exhibition Event

What is Hillhead?

Hillhead is a bi-annual exhibition event, hosted in the Hillhead Quarry in Buxton, Derbyshire.

2 years ago the team at MVIS visited the event exhibiting our Intelligent Quarry Solutions to potential new customers, breaking into a new sector.

Having experienced the event and witnessing Hillhead, this is the ultimate guide to Hillhead.

Visiting MVIS at Stand B13

No sunny Hillhead day would be complete without visiting the MVIS team at Stand B13.

This year we will be demonstrating the best of MVIS products including: the MVIS Solar IP, a range of Variable Message Signs and the all new MVIS Solar Barrier.

MVIS Staff would like to invite you to the stand for an educational demonstration of MVIS premium products

Completing your day with a smiling face and a friendly chat from our team is the best way to send you home happy. This also gives you the opportunity to learn more about MVIS ITS Solutions and see them in action.

MVIS location on the Hillhead Floorplan

Travelling to Hillhead

Being just outside of Buxton, there is a multitude of ways to get to the showground:

Route Directions

The exhibition site is 3km south of Buxton off the A515 (Ashbourne) road. For route directions to Hillhead use Google maps.

Postcode to use for SatNav systems: SK17 9PR


Free parking is available adjacent to the showground. Shuttle buses will operate on show days to and from the Registration Pavilion.

Buxton train station is 3km from the exhibition site. For details of services to and from Manchester visit National Rail Enquiries.
Things to Take

In June of 2022, Britain was in the heat of the fourth hottest summer on record, reaching heights of over 40 degrees. Meanwhile, Our Sales and R&D Team were demonstrating the MVIS products to a brand new audience at Hillhead.

As it is predicted to be another scorching event, it is imperative that while visiting the show, you bring these essentials:

  • Water – Whether you have a refillable bottle or you have a stash of plastic ones, it is important that you keep yourself and your team well hydrated. Keeping hydrated is good for refreshing yourself, keeping you muscles energised and your brain on top form.
  • Shade – if you are exhibiting it will benefit you to ensure you have a tent or stand that has plenty of shade keeping you out of the sun, doing so lowers the risk of skin cancer and quickly becoming hydrated. It also gives delegates and excuse to come and stand in the shade of your exhibition.
  • Sun cream – Being out in the sun all day will take a toll on your body, as much as it is exciting to get out of the office and into the glorious sunshine. Bringing Sun cream will be perfect for application throughout the day, assuring a lower risk of Skin Cancer and preventing Sun Burn.
  • A Bag – this is essential for carrying you Sun Cream, Bottle and Sun Hat, it is also important so you can visit the MVIS stand and pick up a brochure and some goodies to take home with you.

See us at HAUC UK Convention 2024

HAUC UK will welcome delegates & visitors for the 2024 Convention on Thursday 18th April at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester. Over the years, they have focused each annual convention on an arching theme and a message relevant to the communities attending.

Last year they focused on the Infrastructure Race, the Safety Challenge, the Role of Data in Defining Legislation, Guidance and Delivery and the Road to Net Zero.

This year is no different, with the focus on… People, Priorities and Performance. Examining how we must work together to ensure the people in our sector have the correct training and skills to achieve the best, as safely as possible.

There is no better example of this ethos than the team at MVIS. Over 12 years, our staff have become highly trained and experienced to work on both the high speed and Local Authority networks, adhering to the strictest codes of safety and professionalism.

If you want to discover more about our extensive accreditations and memberships, make sure to visit Graeme Lee at the MVIS’ stand.

If you fancy seeing our products close up, we will have a HD Compact fitted with an Environmental Sensor showcased at the convention so you can learn more about our VMS & other Intelligent Transport Solutions for your project.

If you are heading to HAUC UK 2024 and would like to arrange a meeting with Graeme, you can avoid disappointment by emailing him at graeme@m-vis.co.uk. to book a slot prior to the event.

Walking the Walk…For the Third Year Running

For the third year running, MVIS will be sponsoring the Ashgate Hospice High Peak Trail, with this years event taking place on Sunday 17th March. The walk takes place through our stunning Derbyshire countryside and will follow the former Cromford and High Peak Railway. The walk provides a scenic experience for walkers of all ages to enjoy.

Due to last years success at the introduction of 2 new routes, Ashgate Hospice have decided to once again follow the same format with 3 walking options of varying length and difficulty. One, a family friendly 3.5 miles. Something that you can bring children on so you can have a day spent with family (including well behaved dogs). Another route is the 11 mile walk, and the final walk being the full 17 miles. Participants meet at Cromford Meadows before being transported to the starting line.

We recently had the opportunity to take in the trail on which walkers will be undertaking over the weekend in March.

Sales & Business Development Executive Juliette Wright launches this years Trail with Natalie Bell  – Event Fundraiser from Ashgate Hospice. 

We are always proud to sponsor Ashgate Hospice events and are glad to always be there to assist them. As a company we appreciate their work and admire the amount of time, effort and inclusivity they present when holding events such as the Sparkle walk or the High Peak Trail. As a company it is about teamwork and raising money for the people they look after. We already have a couple of the team signed up for this years walk, including Anne Ashman our Commercial and Operations Director and Sales and Business Development Executive Juliette will also be taking part. 

David Storer – Ashgate Hospice Events Organiser: “MVIS are a pleasure to work with. They are always on hand to provide support across all of our fundraising events and go above and beyond to offer solutions that enhance our reach and help us to promote our brand across the region. The team have provided VMS’s for multiple events and appeals that have really helped to raise the awareness of Ashgate Hospice and the vital end of life care that we provide across North Derbyshire. A Huge thank you to MVIS from all of us at Ashgate Hospice!”

Brave the High Peak Trail and soak up the scenic Derbyshire countryside – Sign Up Here

The Ideal Air Quality Monitoring Network

Last Summer we teamed up with Catplant Quarry in Doncaster to provide them with a bespoke traffic management and safety solution for vehicles coming in and out of their one-way track at the waste disposal area of the quarry. Catplant had multiple lorries driving into the area, which had limited space, causing a backup of vehicles with no area to turn around, leading to congestion and safety issues in all areas of the quarry.

A solution was required that allowed only one vehicle into the unloading area at a time, allowing the lorry to unload, turn around safely, and exit before the next vehicle drove into the area. MVIS supplied a Variable Message Sign (VMS) which allowed the driver to remotely activate a message on the VMS, instructing a “NEXT VEHICLE” message and a further “WAIT HERE” instruction. However, due to poor connectivity within the quarry, the standard mobile app could not be used to operate the VMS. As a result, we implemented an alternative solution – a remote fob with a direct connection to the sign, allowing the driver to control it simply, at the press of a button.

Alongside this, we also provided Catplant with a trial of our Environmental Sensor. This clever little addition to our VMS is able to measure dust pollution, air quality and decibel readings. 

The Environmental Sensor can even measure levels of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. With moderate levels causing headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, as well as coughing and difficulty in breathing.

Higher levels can cause shock, convulsions, coma, and in the worst cases, death. This solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality monitoring network that records data in real-time.

To speak to our dedicated and knowledgeable team about buying or hiring a VMS with Environmental Sensor, you can call 01629 580570 or email: sales@m-vis.co.uk.

MVIS debuts at the Emergency Services

MVIS are proud to announce that we will be joining over 500 exhibitors at the Emergency Services & Emergency Tech Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 19th & 20th September.

10,000+ ground-breaking products are exhibited each year and our products are being added to the long list of innovations to be showcased.

Over the 2 days, exhibitors will be presenting their products and giving hands-on demonstrations to delegates, all in the interest of helping the emergency services, save more lives. Delegates will have the chance to source new equipment along with technology and training, discover new solutions to operational issues and network with colleagues as well as create new contacts in the industry.

MVIS will be at the show for the first time with our dedicated and friendly team on hand to showcase our latest solutions, perfect for the Blue Light sector.

We are introducing our brand-new fire sign, a product that can assess its environment and alert people to the risk of fire in the area.

MVIS Renews Their FORS Bronze.

MVIS have renewed our FORS Bronze accreditation, we are proud of our many accomplishments, these are what put the Trust in #TRUSTINMVIS.

A well accredited company is a reliable one, and that is just the case for MVIS. We have now been reaccredited with our FORS Bronze. This comes with many benefits towards any company.

A list of MVIS accreditations with no background.

Our FORS Bronze Accreditation is important to alerting people that we care for the safety of our staff, and that they are trained and competent to perform their deliveries that ensure you receive our platinum level service when delivering our VMS and other units.

FORS Bronze confirms we employ good company practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard.

Create an eye-catching display with a VMS

Did you know that as well as an attention-grabbing five colour LED text display, MVIS’ impressive portfolio of variable message signs (VMS) also supports pictograms, making it easier than ever to communicate your message.

The saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ has never been more relevant when it comes to communicating vital information, fast. From roundels with the speed limit in, to arrows directing your audience to a specific route, or well recognised road signs or signals, our range of VMS are the perfect way to get your message across.

Whether it’s a large-scale event with a heavy footfall, or a big sporting fixture or festival with high volumes of traffic, there’s no better way to keep crowds informed than by hiring a VMS from MVIS.

The non-glare LED screen ensures that no matter the weather, they are easily visible, and with satellite tracking and an SMS tamper alarm, they are more secure than ever.

They’re flexible too: VMS units can be combined with MVIS’ Solar IP units which accommodate a variety of traffic management solutions, such as CCTV, HD Radar and our ANPR Camera, all of which can be hired directly from MVIS.

The pictogram function is also a great addition for event managers, as it provides a way for them to promote their sponsors and advertisers. It’s quick and easy to input your required visuals via our innovative Web Studio™ which can be accessed via a PC or any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device. Take a look at the display our new admin assistant Tillie made for technical apprentice Kiran’s birthday.

If you would like to talk to us regarding hiring any of our traffic and event management products, please get in touch by calling 01629 580 570.

Effective advertising with Colour Mobile VMS

The colour mobile VMS on offer at MVIS can help you to diversify your advertising methods, bringing your product or brand to an audience in a new and effective way.
Colour mobile VMS is perfect for grabbing the attention of large audiences. With their five colour matrix, including red, green, blue, yellow and white, you can perfectly communicate your brand message or advertise your product in an eye-catching and vibrant way that will ensure they stay in the ids of your target audience.
The message displayed by the colour mobile VMS can be altered electronically from a mobile location. As a result, users can change their message from any location at an instant, helping them to keep their message up to date and relevant for those that encounters it, responding to offers or updates in real time.
Because the VMS systems are mobile, they can be moved to a location and be fully operational in no time at all. This speed and efficiency means you will rarely miss out on an advertising or sponsorship opportunity.
The colour mobile VMS has a range of different uses. These include:

• Drawing significant attention to products and brands.
• Promoting special offers, with the ability to remove them as soon as they expire.
• The capability to be moved easily and efficiently to different venues.

If you would like to find out more about our colour mobile VMS systems, you can contact us on 01629 580 57.

Add to your event with Colour Mobile VMS

Here at MVIS, we provide a wide range of colour mobile variable message signs (VMS). These innovative machines can transform the way you manage an event, allowing you to do more than you thought was possible, more easily than had ever considered.

Organising a festival or large event can be tricky, due to the larger number of people and huge area you have to cover. With the colour mobile VMS, this can be made a whole lot easier and more effective.

Managing the Crowd

When running an event, you have to manage the crowd, or it can quickly descend into chaos. With our VMS, you can put up mobile signs quickly and efficiently, transmit important information and real time updates to the crowd. The five colour matrix on the system, which includes red, green, blue, white and yellow, is perfect for grabbing attention and retaining it. By doing this you can tell the people where everything is, where they need to go and the start time of certain events, which will help to create some order at the venue.


What better place to advertise your product than at large event with massive crowds? Providing your product is relevant to the audience, you can really make a significant and potentially lucrative impact. The efficiency can advertising campaign can be helped in a number of ways by VMS. Firstly, they are mobile and easy to set up, which allows you to transport it to different locations at the venue, targeting the people that are most likely to purchase your product. Secondly, the message on the VMS is easy to change and can be done remotely, which will help you to keep your potential customers up to date on any of the latest changes with your brand or product.

Diversify Your Advertising with Colour Mobile VMS

 With the colour mobile VMS (variable message signs) systems on offer at MVIS, you can effectively advertise your product or brand.

Our VMS systems are great for grabbing the attention of your audience. This is due to their five colour matrix, which includes red, green, blue, white and yellow. With this array of colours at your disposal, you can convey your brand or product message in a vibrant and eye-catching manner that will leave a lasting impression upon them.

Another great benefit of our colour mobile VMS is that it is ideal for situations where you may need to change, update or alter your message over the course of an event. Using the easy to operate software, you can operate the VMS either onsite or remotely. With this helpful feature, you can change the sign rapidly to respond to offers and information updates in real time.

Because the VMS systems are mobile, they can be moved to a location and be fully operational in no time at all. This speed and efficiency means you will rarely miss out on an advertising or sponsorship opportunity.

Different Uses

  • With the sheer size and multicolour displays of our signs, you can draw significant attention to all kinds of products.
  • If you’ve got a special discount or deal to promote, our VMS signs can be updated quickly and easily to change the message as soon as the offer expires.
  • Due to their portable nature, our colour signs can be moved to a variety of different locations, whether it’s a music arena, football stadium or outdoor festival, allowing you to advertise ticket sales in a variety of locations.
  • With the large, colourful signage available on our VMS systems, you cannot fail capture the attention of a wide audience and really put your brand on display.

If you would like to find out more about our colour mobile VMS systems, you can contact us on 01629 580 57.

VMS: An effective advertising solution

As a leading supplier of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, MVIS has within its portfolio a range of variable message signs (VMS). These VMS, as well as being effective for traffic management use, also provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for advertising and brand reinforcement.

Our range of VMS feature a five colour matrix which gives the user the option of displaying messages in red, green, blue and white as well as in the standard amber. This feature is coupled with the VMS’ ability to display Chapter 8/ MS4 style pictograms in addition to text. These features allow the VMS to be used to display company logos – a highly visible method of brand reinforcement and advertising. MVIS has previously supplied a VMS solution to a Renault garage, who used it to display their logo and advertise their presence.

VMS can be remotely updated, either by SMS or using an internet connection. This high level of accessibility allows the user to display information and then, if needed,  change the message quickly and easily. As a result, VMS are an ideal way to advertise ticket sales or offers at events such as festivals, sporting fixtures and country shows. The conspicuous five colour display is highly visible, even in crowd situations, and the remote access facility means details of tickets or offers can be adjusted rapidly.

Recently two VMS-C solutions, provided by MVIS, were used as part of ticket sales efforts taking place for the England international football friendlies against Chile and Germany at Wembley. VMS solutions, supplied by MVIS, have also been used at the Bakewell Show to help advertise the park and ride services.

To ensure that MVIS’ VMS provide as flexible a service as possible, some models can also be fitted onto our Solar 2012 Multi-Use Trailer Platform. This allows VMS to be moved from location to location, so that if your requirements alter the VMS will still be an effective advertising solution.

All our VMS are available for rapid deployment, as they are stored at 14 nationwide depots.

To discuss VMS or any of MVIS’ intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, contact us on 01629 580 570.

Colour Variable Message Signs used by Renault Dealership

Colour Mobile VMS have supplied a VMS 400 to a Midland based Renault dealership to aid in their advertising for a number of car makes and models.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the new Colour matrix displays are ideal for advertising and brand awareness.

For more information on hiring or sale opportunities contact Colour Mobile VMS for a free demonstration.