Effective advertising with Colour Mobile VMS

The colour mobile VMS on offer at MVIS can help you to diversify your advertising methods, bringing your product or brand to an audience in a new and effective way.
Colour mobile VMS is perfect for grabbing the attention of large audiences. With their five colour matrix, including red, green, blue, yellow and white, you can perfectly communicate your brand message or advertise your product in an eye-catching and vibrant way that will ensure they stay in the ids of your target audience.
The message displayed by the colour mobile VMS can be altered electronically from a mobile location. As a result, users can change their message from any location at an instant, helping them to keep their message up to date and relevant for those that encounters it, responding to offers or updates in real time.
Because the VMS systems are mobile, they can be moved to a location and be fully operational in no time at all. This speed and efficiency means you will rarely miss out on an advertising or sponsorship opportunity.
The colour mobile VMS has a range of different uses. These include:

• Drawing significant attention to products and brands.
• Promoting special offers, with the ability to remove them as soon as they expire.
• The capability to be moved easily and efficiently to different venues.

If you would like to find out more about our colour mobile VMS systems, you can contact us on 01629 580 57.