TRUST in training to keep leading the way

MVIS’ ethos on day-to-day business is led by our approach to service.

Service to customers comes above all else, and we strive to provide world-class class service to each and every client on every single order- no matter how big or small.

So, how do we instil this attitude throughout the company?

Well, you embed it through training and culture: introducing MVIS’ TRUST:

T – Team Work
R – Respect
U – Understanding
S – Safe Working Practice
T – Training

To be able to be consistent with these values – which the whole MVIS team contributed to – staff need to be trained for safe working practices and also have understanding and respect for others. All supervisors have been on some sort of HR course to be able to supervise other staff.

MVIS staff training underpins MVIS’ value of TRUST and we are extremely proactive with the continued development of our staff. Most current employees are doing some sort of training right now. This continued commitment to upskilling staff means that retention is at an all-time high as employees are satisfied, challenged and stimulated in their employment.

Anne Ashman, MVIS General Manager said:

“We feel our employees develop a greater affinity to MVIS as they can see firsthand that we are doing all we can to give them every opportunity to develop in their positions. We provide training and support to every department of the business, and support the entire workforce fully on their journey here with us.”

Additionally, there is no ceiling for skills at MVIS, nor a feeling of ‘job done’ or ‘nothing left to learn’. Anne continued:

“Even as General Manager of the company, I’m encouraged to keep learning and developing my own skillset. I am currently in the midst of an OU Business and Management degree, as well as an ITOPS course. Last year I also did a CIPD HR course- so it really is a constant here to be always exploring how we can upskill our staff right through the company.

“We run internal health & safety, environmental and quality training workshops monthly, which ensures that everyone understands the company’s key policies and procedures along with keeping themselves and the environment safe. Vitally, it also gets everyone to buy in to our ISO 9001 & 14001 status.”


MVIS has for the last four years, dramatically increased their uptake of apprentices. By doing this, employees learn the principles of the MVIS ‘TRUST’ model from day one, becoming malleable workers in the MVIS way.

The career pathway is embedded into the company for apprentices, and impressively – Operations Supervisor Dom Bridge began his journey with MVIS as an apprentice just four years ago.

MVIS presently has five apprentices, as well as a further two former apprentices that are now permanently employed. Overall, we have an impressive apprentice retention value of almost 90%, meaning almost 9/10 apprentices that MVIS give an opportunity to, stay with us at the end of their apprenticeship.

The intention to train and keep each apprentice to the MVIS values is paying dividends, with skilful, capable employees being molded.

At present, all current admin staff apart from accounts have been apprentices or are currently finishing apprenticeships with MVIS. Of the five workshop staff, there are three apprentices at various levels.

Anne explained the main benefit to recruiting apprentices as opposed to more experienced people:

“Simply, we can train them to buy into the MVIS TRUST values and our attitude to customer service, and it reduces the likelihood of having to remove bad habits taken from previous employment.”