9 Years in the Making.

After joining MVIS & Bartco in January 2014, our Research & Development Manager Tom started 2023 by marking his 9-year Anniversary with us. Tom thrives in his role as he is constantly challenged on a daily basis. Something which he admits is very important to him, and his work. Tom is constantly creating exciting new products and further developing ourc ore products to keep MVIS & Bartco ahead of the game.

From a young age he has enjoyed stripping things apart and then trying to put them back together. From his retro gaming consoles to his dad’s watch! Although Tom does admit that the watch did not go so well! From the age of 6 Tom has played Rugby and found this to be another challenge in which he has always wanted to better himself. Unfortunately, the social side over-took the skill side for a few years but he still managed to play at Midlands one level for a couple of seasons until he finally retired at the age of 31. Alongside playing Rugby, he still liked to fix, build, and take things apart and strongly believes that this has proved a big help in his career. He now creates 3D CAD work and electrical schematics which help our workshop build our own products along with the work instructions that Tom creates for them.

Tom finds a great sense of reward from helping people and will always do what he can to help others whether that be at work or in his personal life – As Tom quotes: Horace Mann said, “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”

Tom began working with us as Technical support back in January 2014, becoming workshop manager in 2016 leading a team of 4 and has more recently worked his way up to Research and Development Manager. Tom said: “After going from Technical support to Research & Development Manager, I would like to think I have grown with the companies, which were in their infancy when I joined and as a person with thanks to the team I work with who have supported me. Hopefully I have supported some of them too”.


Commercial & Operations director Anne commented “We soon identified that Tom’s skills and his ability  at teaching our apprentices and ensuring the quality of our products was wasted as a technician, Tom was promoted to workshop supervisor within two years of starting.  Since then, he has gone on to become our R&D Manager, no task is too big for Tom and any ideas he or the team have he always delivers, there is nothing he can’t achieve that he is tasked with”.

Congratulations on 9 years of impressive work Tom, and here’s to many more years of building (& fixing) towards the future.