Solar IP: The Solar Powered Industrial Portable Power Bank

The Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) is one of MVIS and Bartco UK’s flagship products and the reason for this is clear.

The Solar IP is a highly versatile and functional unit that offers users the ability to mount and power their technology, bringing portability to technology that is usually fixed due to power constraints.

Solar IP with ANPR

The Solar IP represents a revolution in the industry, allowing business and government bodies to make use of the technology they already have. For example, where previous investment has been made in technology that is now redundant or not fit for a new purpose, the Solar IP allows the potential to re-utilise the units in a portable application.

Horizon Parking, for example use our Solar IPs to grant portability to their ANPR units. Whilst Horizon would ordinarily utilise fixed ANPR units, there are some car parks and locations that can’t facilitate fixed power solutions. Horizon’s Solar IPs allow them to supply such locations with their usual ANPR parking provision without having to invest in new or different ANPR cameras.

In this sense, it also offers increased versatility to other technologies, which may help to make new solutions possible. A great example of this is the innovative Portable Low Light CCTV product development that brought a new level of CCTV quality to portable applications. This product was made possible by the combination of The Invictus HD camera from 360 Vision with Bartco UK’s Solar IP.

The development brings a lot to safety, security and site management applications, allowing for the monitoring of areas even in low light. This is especially important in safety applications such as highways construction, where the low light could be a danger to workers and drivers alike.

The crowing feature of this product however is its solar credentials. A trailer based power bank is an attractive solution on its own, but when considering the environmentally friendly power output, it may even be a preferred solution to fixed power, if the long term environmental impact of the installation is a consideration, for example.

Despite this, the Solar IP is so versatile and highly featured that a customer may only need a few aspects of it to solve their problem. In the case of Amey, they required 10 bespoke units to accommodate their client’s specific needs and own technology.

Having a site that already had power, the client required an adjustable mounting solution and backup power supply for their CCTV. We were able to develop our Solar IP to allow them to source power from the mains and utilise the unit’s 6m mast.

Both MVIS and Bartco UK remain committed to our customer’s requirements and It’s products such as the Solar IP that demonstrates this. The Solar IP isn’t just a solar powered, trailer-based power bank, it stands as an embodiment of our commitments to serving and accommodating our customers. It also stands as an invitation to businesses to consider their own technology’s limitations, and how the Solar IP could expand uses or applications, especially in 2020, where we are relying on new technologies to help battle COVID-19.

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