Solar IP – The Multi-Functional Power Bank

The Solar IP has a reputation for being a highly useful and versatile unit that brings portability to integrated technology. However, it is often a surprising point for our customers just how versatile this product is, as they see it through the lens of the product they are interested in. The Solar IP offers simple integration for all sorts of technologies that they may not have even considered.


Solar IP with CCTV

CCTV / Surveillance Technologies

As one of the more common integrations with our Solar IP, this unit brings traditionally fixed CCTV technologies to portable, temporary applications. The scope of this is vast, with all the surveillance technologies available in today’s world, the Solar IP is a lifeline to those who require such technologies to operate in non-fixed, portable applications.

This is especially important these days, where technology is helping to solve new and emerging issues that surveillance and CCTV technologies are being applied to, such as new security concerns in a modern world or even COVID.



As law enforcement is expected to keep up with the pace of criminality, technology is increasingly being employed to help solve problems such as stretched work forces, how to disrupt criminality on a mass scale and how to save money.

Applying ANPR to our Solar IP could help with these issues, allowing law enforcement to apply portable ANPR technology to a given area without having to be present, as they do with handheld or vehicle integrated solutions. This not only frees up officers in man hours, but also allows them to station ANPR solutions in a variety of different locations that law enforcement vehicles may not be able to get to.

On a wider level, as when applied to CCTV technologies, the Solar IP opens up new applications to help solve emerging problems in the world of today, making it a highly versatile and powerful unit.

Another industry that uses ANPR is the parking industry, who use the technology to monitor car parks where payment is required or there is a maximum stay duration. In such an application, it allows parking companies to better protect car parks, get the charge they are owed and enforce stay durations for locations such as supermarket car parks.

By making this portable, it allows the companies to better cater to events or temporary applications, preventing the need for permanent installations as well as allowing for easy product demonstrations.


Data / Sensors

Our ability to detect and measure aspects of our environment has been increasing drastically in recent years, generating data that we can use to improve society. Technologies such as traffic data solutions or environmental sensors provide us with unique safety insights that have only become possible in the past few decades – and things are only getting better.

As these new sensors improve in accuracy and capability, attention turns to how to apply them, with a power supply being a major concern over how we can make the most out of them. Our Solar IP allows many of these technologies a chance at portability, allowing such sensors to be located at more strategically considered areas.

Bespoke Solutions

Along with existing and common technologies, as the Solar IP serves as an industrial sized power bank, we can also enable the integration of bespoke technologies that allows fixed solutions to be portable.

It’s for this reason that the Solar IP isn’t just a solar powered, trailer-based power bank, it stands as an embodiment of our commitments to serving and accommodating our customers. It also stands as an invitation to businesses to consider their own technology’s limitations, and how the Solar IP could expand uses or applications, especially in today’s world, where we are relying on new technologies to help battle new challenges as a society.

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