Mobile VMS: An effective intelligent transport system (ITS) solution

We were delighted to see the coverage that Traffic Technology International (TTI) has given in their latest edition to MVIS‘ championing of mobile VMS as an effective temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solution.

In the article, which reports that there are now “battalions” of mobile VMS being used in the UK for a variety of applications, MVIS managing director Pat Musgrave discusses the benefits of mobile VMS. The units he tells TTI are, “ideal for use in short-term projects, especially those requiring fast installation (for instance due to highway accidents), and also those that require signs to be repositioned throughout their duration (such as evolving roadworks).”

MVIS provides the VMS-C, which is a mobile VMS unit that is versatile, easy to set up and suitable for use in all conditions.  Our VMS-C features a five colour matrix which offers the user the chance to display information in red, green, blue and white as well as in the standard amber. Our VMS are all capable of displaying Chapter 8/ MS4 style pictograms, as well as text. This makes them an excellent temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solution as they facilitate a rapid response from all drivers – even foreign motorists who may not be able to understand text.

The TTI article also recounts the zero shunt rate recorded by A-One+ who used mobile VMS, from MVIS, whilst recently undertaking a refurbishment of the A1 western bypass between Newcastle and Gateshead. Ten VMS-C units were installed for the duration of the project and the display was remotely switched between speed roundels and three color pictograms in the event of standing traffic.

A-One+ attributes the recording of no standing traffic incidents directly to the mobile VMS provided by MVIS, with their manager of operations, Ian Lee telling TTI, “Not only did MVIS’ VMS facilitate a rapid message change in response to the quickly changing traffic situation, but the high visibility of the three colour pictograms engendered an instant motorist reaction, promoting the safety of road workers, police and motorists alike”.

As a leading provider of intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions, MVIS is always looking to bring new products to the market which can provide valuable assistance with traffic management. One such intelligent transport system (ITS) solution is the Portable Solar Powered Journey Time Solution (SPJTS) , which takes the Skyhawk Integrated ANPR camera, a VMS-A display and the Solar 2012 Multi Use Platform and combines them to make a highly impressive traffic management aid. Using its several features, highway managers are able to monitor traffic and then warn users of potentials delays or, if necessary, suggest an alternative route.

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