Driving Home for Christmas?

As we’ve seen on the news this week, extreme weather conditions can cause massive disruptions to travel plans.

No matter how well planned travel plans are, they can be upturned in an instant. This not only leaves road users and commuters in need of guidance, but also requires local authorities and those working within the highways agency to quickly implement new routes and infrastructures to maintain safe and efficient traffic management.

Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) is a leading supplier of innovative mobile and solar powered monitoring and visual information systems which means that we can be relied on to provide solutions to the highways industry.

We work with traffic and event management companies to help keep Britain moving by providing fast, flexible, cost effective temporary solutions, such as VMS units to help advise road users and commuters of new routes, important information and alternative directions. Plus, with the welcome addition of MVIS’ Web Studio™, you can change the messages displayed on your VMS units instantly from any Apple device. So should your new route be compromised in any way, you can swiftly amend your VMS unit to display the most up-to-date information, keeping the roads – and those using them – as safe as possible.

What’s more, MVIS’ 24/7 support service offers a comprehensive level of support no matter what it is you require. Whether you need urgent support or advice on any of our products, or if you need to hire any of our products out of hours, simply email our Team at and you are guaranteed a reply within 4 hours.

Alternatively, if your enquiry is within office hours, call us on 01629 580570 to speak to one of our experienced technicians.