MVIS Stand Out in Hi-Vis for World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, MVIS  Ltd and Bartco UK are saying #HelloYellow in support of the charity Youngminds to show young people they’re not alone with their mental health. Everyone at the companies did their bit, donning the ‘loud and proud’ Hi-Vis clothing that couldn’t say #HelloYellow in any better way.

Kyle giving Tom a cuddle on World Mental Health Day

Mental health is an issue that is particularly close to MVIS and Bartco UK; suicide claims an alarming number of lives each year, with many in the Highways and Construction industries. As transport safety is one of the main cornerstones at MVIS and Bartco UK, there is no denying the moral obligation the two companies have in raising awareness of this to help make the industry safer for everyone.

There are wider obligations tied to MVIS and Bartco UK in the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of men aged between 20 and 49, with three quarters of registered deaths in 2018 being among men, which has been the case since the mid-1990s. It is well known that the Highways and Transport industries are heavy employers of men, so when research from a Samaritans survey uncover that 41% of men still don’t seek mental health support when they need it, something must be done to remedy this with more young men joining these ever increasing industries.

So, in support of this cause on World Mental Health Day 2019, the MVIS and Bartco UK team donated money and wore hi-vis yellow clothing in support of Youngmind’s #HelloYellow campaign, which encourages businesses to wear yellow at work to raise awareness.

Anne Ashman, the General Manager and one of two Mental Health First Aiders for both MVIS and Bartco UK comments ‘It’s always great to be involved in events that are clearly so important, to us, to our industry and to wider society. Too many people are affected by suicide and with an issue that is so close to our business, we felt this campaign was perfect to take part in to help raise awareness and make our contribution to such a worthy cause.’

Useful Links and Support:
Youngminds – Parents Helpline – 0808 802 5544
Samaritans – Support Helpline – 116 123
CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) – 0800 58 58 58
NHS Mental Health Support – Advice on access to mental health services

Community outreach projects with local schools showcases sustainability and safety

MVIS work in their local community stretches far and wide. Sponsoring sports teams, combat athletes and providing work experience opportunities for local young people are just a part of what they do to give back. Additionally, the company often reach out into their local schools and work with the children on a wide variety of projects.

Recently, MVIS teamed up with Highfields High School, and specifically, their Year 8 and 9 children to set up two challenging, intriguing tasks.

Firstly, Year 8 children were tasked with a safety initiative. The children were briefed on site safety and its importance then were set the challenge of developing a new safety idea that could be adopted on sites nationwide.

The children identified ‘Hat before that’, a safety initiative aimed at driving all on construction and highways sites to think about wearing a hard hat before carrying out any task.

Anne Ashman, General Manager of MVIS told us:

“It was very clever of the Year 8’s to think of this. Whilst we all know about the importance of PPE when on site, the children highlighted that all visitors generally will have to report to a reception or site office and even this journey can encounter possible risk on some sites.

“So, their solution was to have safety focused around hard hat wearing when arriving to the site to eradicate some risks in that first entry. Ideas that were discussed were an intercom + escort system where the site office brings out hard hats to arriving people to make sure they enter wearing one and then escorting them to vehicles as they leave to cover the reverse journey upon leaving.”

Highfields’ Year 9 children were informed of Bartco UK’s decision to foray into VMS hire across International markets and were tasked with discovering ways in which Bartco can stand out from the crowd in a new market.

The Year 9 school children developed an idea around sustainability and in addition to MVIS signs carrying essential highways and journey time information, they could also be utilised sustainably using solar power to preach sustainability across France.

The children focused on programming MVIS VMS signs with messages surrounding anti-pollution and climate change in order to become more than ‘just road signs’ for the French market.

Upon Year 9’s ideas, Anne continued:

“This really impressed us, as these are key issues within our sector and indeed, globally. Carbon footprint, climate change and environmental concerns are at the forefront of the evolution of so many company strategies going forward as the pressure builds to go greener. We’re in a position that we can use very environmentally friendly solutions to spread that word, literally put it in the faces of people and make it a part of everyday life.

“We thought this was a very forward-thinking approach from the children and reflected fantastically on Highfields school that their students are so vigilant of these worldwide issues.”

Greater Speed and Greater Flexibility with BartcoLive™

Introducing the new BartcoLive™ app from MVIS. 

Designed to further improve the efficiency of our VMS ITS solutions, BartcoLive™ offers more options for traffic managers to update messages on their VMS units remotely via any internet enabled device.

Working in conjunction with our innovative Web Studio™ technology, the new BartcoLive™ app means that wherever you are, you can control the messages displayed on any of your portable VMS, with greater speed and flexibility.

Created in response to changing customer needs, the BartcoLive™ app is designed to facilitate instant updates based on the changing traffic environment, keeping road users well informed and ensuring that traffic is well managed and continues to run smoothly. 

Available for Apple and Android, the BartcoLive™ app features:

  • Remote access via any Apple or Android phone or tablet
  • Instantaneous or scheduled message upload to single or multiple assets
  • Job Queue: keep up to date with message upload, asset status update, etc.
  • Secure login using Web Studio™ credentials which can be memorised to speed up subsequent logins.
  • Searchable asset list (VMS, etc.) including user-defined groups
  • Access asset status information including:
    • GPS location
    • Battery voltage levels
    • Light output level
    • Current message displayed
    • Communications status
    • Controller status
    • Controller information
  • Map detailing asset location
  • Directions to asset location

To find out more about how BartcoLive™ can help you manage your traffic solutions, get in touch with the team on 01629 580 570 or email us on

We think the BartcoLive™ app is pretty great, but see for yourself and download the app now for Apple and Android. 

Stay in control with CurbSite Lite

Exclusive to MVIS customers, we’re delighted to announce CurbSite Lite – a brand new app that allows unprecedented control over Bartco VMS signs whenever you want, and Bartco VMS Appwherever you are.

This unique sign management system can be downloaded for free on iTunes and is easily useable on your iPhone or iPad.

CurbSite Lite means that from any Apple device, you can control the message that your variable message signs display. The sophisticated technology means that a simple touch of a button puts you in control.

Click here to download CurbSite Lite today and if you’d like more information on our innovative range of colour mobile VMS call us on 01629 580 570.

Created in partnership – New ITS solution from MVIS to be launched at Traffex

Mobile Visual Information Systems Ltd (MVIS) has developed a portable solar powered journey time solution (SPJTS) incorporating the latest software and hardware technology, providing users with a comprehensive cost-effective and stand-alone solution for short-term road works projects.

Affirming MVIS’ status as one of the UK’s leading Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions providers, the package to be launched at Traffex demonstrates the company’s commitment to working in partnership with customers to create solutions designed to help the UK’s road network operate more efficiently.

The launch of the SPJTS marks the beginning of what looks set to be another exciting year for the mobile and  solar powered monitoring and visual information systems supplier, who last year received industry-wide acclaim for undertaking the world’s largest single deployment of solar powered variable message signs (VMS) for Transport for London’s Olympic Route Network.

Solar Powered Journey Time Solution

The SPJTS was developed in response to interest from a leading infrastructure services supplier, reflecting MVIS’ ongoing dedication to develop innovative ITS solutions in partnership with public and private sector traffic management organisations.

MVIS’ SPJTS is a comprehensive solution, incorporating the latest software and hardware technology.  It is portable and solar powered, and so may be quickly and easily installed without the need for civil engineering or external power provision.  As such, it is a cost-effective and stand-alone solution for short-term road works.

The ITS solution enables road users to make informed decisions regarding how to minimise journey disruption, warning of delays and advising of their extent, providing users with the opportunity to take an alternative route if necessary.

The SPJTS comprises two Vysionics’ SkyHawk ANPR cameras mounted on MVIS’ new *Solar 2012 multi-use trailers and a Bartco VMS-A. When deployed the system converts information gathered utilising the SkyHawk ANPR system into a message which is viewed by the road user and gives prior notification of journey times through a roadwork scheme.

*Solar 2012 Multi-Use Trailer Platform

A world first to be launched at Traffex, MVIS’ Solar 2012 multi-use trailer platform is the only product on the market facilitating the mounting of multiple products on a single, solar powered, mobile platform, allowing the flexible combination of a selection of temporary ITS equipment from MVIS’ portfolio.

The Solar 2012 was developed in response to growing customer demand for a mobile multiple application product, reflecting MVIS’ ongoing endeavor to create not only new solutions but also new ITS products to meet the market’s evolving requirements, utilising leading-edge technology.

The product is simple and cost-effective to deploy, requiring no civil engineering and third party communications, and is environmentally friendly and silent in operation.

Said MVIS’ managing director, Tony Price:  “2012 was a milestone year for MVIS, affirming our status as a leading player in the ITS industry, thanks to a number of high profile contracts including the Olympics.

“2013 is already shaping up to be another terrific year for the company, as we work in partnership with major highways industry organisations to create innovative ITS solutions, such as the SPJTS, to help the UK’s road network operate with increasing efficiency.

“We are also tremendously proud of our continuous work to listen and respond to our customers, developing new ITS products like the Solar 2012, that will enable  them to provide a cost-effective service.”

MVIS will be exhibiting at Traffex, stand H61, where visitors will be able to view a selection of its core products, including the Solar 2012 multi-use trailer platform, the Bartco VMS-A and Vysionics’ SkyHawk  ANPR camera.  The VMS-A will also feature in Traffex’ night time street scenario.

Find out more about MVIS at


A fantastic achievement by everyone invovled…

“Delivering this contract has been immensely satisfying, but has required a huge team effort, from the very beginning.

A massive thank you to Bartco, our innovative Australian manufacturers, whose innovative and flexible approach to procurement and manufacturing was matched only by their determination to hit the shipment dates.

A 10,000 mile supply chain length, weather, port closures, flight delays and customs issues were all overcome to get the signs into
the UK on time.

The contract could not have been achieved without our Leeds based commercial funder, Reward Capital LLP and Affinity Asset Finance, so their help was very much appreciated.

And the rolling deployment of the 177 signs onto the London roads was project managed superbly by Steve Young of Colour Mobile VMS and Phil Harrop of P&D Specialist Services. Traffic Management for the deployment across London was co-ordinated by Ringway Jacobs and the flexible attitude and attention to detail of all the traffic management teams involved was instrumental in making this achievement possible.

Deployment was also supported by Hw Martin group of companies from their Amber Langis depot at Harlow.

The facts and figures:

  • Order placed for 175 solar powered portable VMS signs
  • 10,000 mile supply chain
  • 14 flights from Melbourne, Australia and
    Hong Kong
  • 22 containers on 8 ships
  • Averaging 35 days at sea for each shipment
  • 15 weeks to delivery date
  • All 177 solar powered VMS signs now on the streets on London!

This manufacture, delivery and deployment project has been a fantastic achievement by all involved.”

Thank you,
Tony Price MD Colour Mobile VMS

UK First: Colour Mobile VMS brings Colour to UK highways

Innovative signage provider, Colour Mobile VMS, is set to brighten up UK roads with the provision of its new five-colour variable message signs.

This is the first time the Highways Agency has approved mobile signage for use in colours other than amber. The Colour Mobile VMS products will feature colour options of amber, red, white, green and blue.

This is an exciting development on the UK roads as colour is an impactful way to gain drivers’ attention about road conditions, speed enforcement, traffic calming and incidents. Chapter 8 signage can be replicated and colour is internationally recongised as warning signage, so there are many advantages.

The colour message signs have already started to appear at events around the UK and now with official approval from the Highways Agency, expectations for the signage are high.

Another exciting advantage of the new messaging signs, which will transform response times to incidents and change on our motorway network, is the ability to update messages instantly by SMS text message. This is a major development for traffic agencies and roadwork companies as they can keep the public up to date with what is happening, in seconds from their mobile phone.

The environmentally-friendly signs feature a non-glare, high-bright, low-power consuming LED display, which runs off a fully autonomous solar changing system, avoiding the need for expensive battery or electricity costs.

Tony Price, Managing Director at Colour Mobile VMS says, “This is the first time mobile colour signage for UK highways has been available in the UK, so we’re expecting a very positive response to the products. The signs will be of particular interest to any organisation managing traffic control and road incidents, plus those who already supply to that trade.

“All our customers can be assured of the highest quality products and complete reliability. They are proven and tested and widely used by our manufacturer BARTCO in Australia. But because we are UK based, we can offer 24/7 service and support. We welcome conversations from all parties interested in the colour matrix signs.”

Colour Mobile VMS is officially launching the colour matrix signs at Traffex on March 29-31, 2011 at stand C74. For further information please visit