Top tips for the smooth running of an event from industry expert

Whether you’re organising a small country show or a major music festival, an efficient traffic management system is essential to ensure the smooth flow of traffic to and from the event, maximising visitor satisfaction and minimising the impact on non-event traffic.   Many events are located in rural areas, via B-road access, where a good traffic management system is especially important.

Tony Price MD of MVIS recently talked to Events Industry News about his top tips for the smooth running of an event. 

“Rapid technological developments in the traffic management industry have given events organisers the opportunity to incorporate state-of- the art equipment into their traffic management systems, equipment that will not only help the traffic to flow more smoothly, but that will also help to save on manpower costs.

“Variable Message Signs (VMS) backed up by the right software can save you a lot of money.  These signs are of high impact, and when supported by the right software, can allow you not only to display directional messages but also to update them quickly and easily from any internet enabled device.  Their impact and efficient communication capacity means that they can be deployed in fewer numbers than standard static signs, reducing the need for the high manpower costs often associated with sign installation and management.

“Tests have shown that VMS signs displaying messages using a wide variety of colours have particularly high impact, allowing drivers to interpret instructions with the greatest speed. MVIS’ matrix signs are capable of displaying text in five colours, although TSRGD 2002 regulations meant that on the Olympic Route Network, only amber and white were permissible.  We are currently lobbying the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency to permit the use of greater colour in order to improve traffic management efficiency.

“One mistake that events transport managers often make is to think no further than signage.  In fact, solutions incorporating a range of ITS products can be used to help make the traffic flow more efficiently.  CCTV, radar and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems can all be employed on the routes leading to the event in order to capture information that will help you to manage event traffic well.

“For example, these products can count and instantly transmit to you details of the number of vehicles approaching the event, thereby allowing you to open up more car-parking spaces as necessary, so preventing tail-backs.  ANPR systems can be used to facilitate cashless parking systems, removing the need for barriers, again helping to prevent tail-backs.

“There is a massive array of ITS products on the market, and you need to think carefully about the products that are best for you.  Consider whether the equipment is portable and easy to install.  These aspects are vital, not only to ensure efficient initial deployment requiring only a low level of human resource, but also to facilitate the swift redeployment sometimes required due to changing circumstances.  Consider too the power supply. As any event organiser will know, external power supplies are not always reliable, so solar powered equipment is by far the best option.

“Also, think about whether the combination of ITS technology you choose can be housed in one platform rather than several, as this will save you money.  Our new Solar 2012 multi-use trailer platform facilitates the mounting of multiple products on a single, solar powered, mobile platform, allowing the flexible combination of a selection of temporary ITS equipment.

“Finally, when selecting your ITS provider, you should always take care to choose one offering a committed customer service, not just the products themselves.  Choose a supplier who is able to give comprehensive operational training, who will be there for you at short notice, and who can be relied on to deliver quickly.”

Tony Price, Managing director, MVIS

Created in partnership – New ITS solution from MVIS to be launched at Traffex

Mobile Visual Information Systems Ltd (MVIS) has developed a portable solar powered journey time solution (SPJTS) incorporating the latest software and hardware technology, providing users with a comprehensive cost-effective and stand-alone solution for short-term road works projects.

Affirming MVIS’ status as one of the UK’s leading Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions providers, the package to be launched at Traffex demonstrates the company’s commitment to working in partnership with customers to create solutions designed to help the UK’s road network operate more efficiently.

The launch of the SPJTS marks the beginning of what looks set to be another exciting year for the mobile and  solar powered monitoring and visual information systems supplier, who last year received industry-wide acclaim for undertaking the world’s largest single deployment of solar powered variable message signs (VMS) for Transport for London’s Olympic Route Network.

Solar Powered Journey Time Solution

The SPJTS was developed in response to interest from a leading infrastructure services supplier, reflecting MVIS’ ongoing dedication to develop innovative ITS solutions in partnership with public and private sector traffic management organisations.

MVIS’ SPJTS is a comprehensive solution, incorporating the latest software and hardware technology.  It is portable and solar powered, and so may be quickly and easily installed without the need for civil engineering or external power provision.  As such, it is a cost-effective and stand-alone solution for short-term road works.

The ITS solution enables road users to make informed decisions regarding how to minimise journey disruption, warning of delays and advising of their extent, providing users with the opportunity to take an alternative route if necessary.

The SPJTS comprises two Vysionics’ SkyHawk ANPR cameras mounted on MVIS’ new *Solar 2012 multi-use trailers and a Bartco VMS-A. When deployed the system converts information gathered utilising the SkyHawk ANPR system into a message which is viewed by the road user and gives prior notification of journey times through a roadwork scheme.

*Solar 2012 Multi-Use Trailer Platform

A world first to be launched at Traffex, MVIS’ Solar 2012 multi-use trailer platform is the only product on the market facilitating the mounting of multiple products on a single, solar powered, mobile platform, allowing the flexible combination of a selection of temporary ITS equipment from MVIS’ portfolio.

The Solar 2012 was developed in response to growing customer demand for a mobile multiple application product, reflecting MVIS’ ongoing endeavor to create not only new solutions but also new ITS products to meet the market’s evolving requirements, utilising leading-edge technology.

The product is simple and cost-effective to deploy, requiring no civil engineering and third party communications, and is environmentally friendly and silent in operation.

Said MVIS’ managing director, Tony Price:  “2012 was a milestone year for MVIS, affirming our status as a leading player in the ITS industry, thanks to a number of high profile contracts including the Olympics.

“2013 is already shaping up to be another terrific year for the company, as we work in partnership with major highways industry organisations to create innovative ITS solutions, such as the SPJTS, to help the UK’s road network operate with increasing efficiency.

“We are also tremendously proud of our continuous work to listen and respond to our customers, developing new ITS products like the Solar 2012, that will enable  them to provide a cost-effective service.”

MVIS will be exhibiting at Traffex, stand H61, where visitors will be able to view a selection of its core products, including the Solar 2012 multi-use trailer platform, the Bartco VMS-A and Vysionics’ SkyHawk  ANPR camera.  The VMS-A will also feature in Traffex’ night time street scenario.

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MVIS deploys a rapid, flexible response to major incident

It’s been a busy month at MVIS headquarters as interest in the colour mobile variable messaging and ITS products soar. The interest and uses for these flexible units are very diverse. MVIS signs were seen at Wembley Stadium earlier in the year at the England – Brazil match and now, as a preferred supplier, MVIS signs are being utilised on Wembley Way as you approach the main stadium entrance to help direct crowds.

new wembley stadium

Last month, MVIS was asked by TfL to respond to a major incident at Vauxhall Bridge in London. MVIS deployed 17 signs within 12 hours to provide support to Traffic for London’s traffic directorate in alleviating traffic congestion during the period of incident investigation.

Tony Price, Managing Director of MVIS said, “MVIS was able to respond so quickly because we have a pool of signs in London permanently on standby specifically for emergency deployments of this nature. Our units are mobile and totally autonomous, which means we can offer a rapid, flexible response when there is an urgent need. Equally, it means they are perfect for temporary situations, whether it is for traffic management at road works or at an event.”

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Colour Mobile VMS scoops, not one, but two Derbyshire’s BEST Awards!

Matlock-based Colour Mobile VMS scooped not one, but two of the prestigious Derbyshire’s BEST Awards at a glittering ceremony at Derby’s Roundhouse Friday night.

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce’s Derbyshire’s BEST Business Awards came to a conclusion on Friday 28th September with Colour Mobile VMS winning both of his category nominations for the BEST ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ and BEST ‘Most Promising New Business’. This is a tremendous achievement for the company who was only established in 2010. Colour Mobile VMS (renamed MVIS) distributes solar-powered visual information and monitoring systems across the UK and will automatically be entered into the national Chamber of Commerce Awards.

Colour Mobile VMS Managing Director Tony Price says:

My team were there to celebrate our nominations at the Derbyshire’s BEST Awards but we never expected to win. And to win both awards is just unbelievable! It has been a fantastic year so far, we’ve just completed a massive project delivering 177 of our multi-colour solar powered variable message signs for Transport for London (TfL) along the city’s Olympic Route Network (ORN) for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We were delighted to have been a part of such a massive international event, and were praised by Transport for London for our capability within this sector. The team has worked so hard over the last three years and these awards are a fantastic ‘accolade’. It just shows what can be achieved with the right investment, the right marketing and the right people behind you.”

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Transport for London (TfL) has commended mobile signage and eco-lighting provider, Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) Ltd, for its “outstanding” contribution to The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Until recently known as Colour Mobile VMS, MVIS undertook TfL’s contract to supply variable message signage for the event’s Olympic Route Network.

In what is believed to be the largest single deployment of solar powered variable message signs in the world, almost 200 units were employed for the network, enabling key participants, such as athletes and officials, to travel safely, securely and efficiently between venues and their accommodation, while also keeping London and the rest of the UK moving.

As the event closed, TfL’s London streets traffic control centre operations manager, Esmon George MBE MILT, contacted the team at MVIS personally to thank them for their “outstanding support”, adding: “We couldn’t have achieved what we did without you”.

TfL’s operational process improvements manager, John Tenten, was also impressed by MVIS’ work, saying: “Your assistance during the games made our role considerably easier”.

Commented MVIS managing director Tony Price:  “Because our sign management system allows multiple signs to be grouped, messages were sent to multiple signs on different parts of the Olympic Route Network in a single transmission.  This allowed TfL to dynamically control access to the Games Lane, ensuring that athletes, press and VIPs transited quickly and safely, and that London’s traffic kept flowing. The fact that the signs displayed the Games Lane messages in different colours enabled road users to instantly identify whether the lane was in use.

“We’re delighted to have been a part of such a massive international event, and TfL’s praise is testament to our capability within this sector.”

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A fantastic achievement by everyone invovled…

“Delivering this contract has been immensely satisfying, but has required a huge team effort, from the very beginning.

A massive thank you to Bartco, our innovative Australian manufacturers, whose innovative and flexible approach to procurement and manufacturing was matched only by their determination to hit the shipment dates.

A 10,000 mile supply chain length, weather, port closures, flight delays and customs issues were all overcome to get the signs into
the UK on time.

The contract could not have been achieved without our Leeds based commercial funder, Reward Capital LLP and Affinity Asset Finance, so their help was very much appreciated.

And the rolling deployment of the 177 signs onto the London roads was project managed superbly by Steve Young of Colour Mobile VMS and Phil Harrop of P&D Specialist Services. Traffic Management for the deployment across London was co-ordinated by Ringway Jacobs and the flexible attitude and attention to detail of all the traffic management teams involved was instrumental in making this achievement possible.

Deployment was also supported by Hw Martin group of companies from their Amber Langis depot at Harlow.

The facts and figures:

  • Order placed for 175 solar powered portable VMS signs
  • 10,000 mile supply chain
  • 14 flights from Melbourne, Australia and
    Hong Kong
  • 22 containers on 8 ships
  • Averaging 35 days at sea for each shipment
  • 15 weeks to delivery date
  • All 177 solar powered VMS signs now on the streets on London!

This manufacture, delivery and deployment project has been a fantastic achievement by all involved.”

Thank you,
Tony Price MD Colour Mobile VMS

World’s largest deployment of solar powered VMS signs

Colour Mobile VMS and P&D Specialist Services have completed the deployment of 177 variable message signs for Transport for London (TfL), believed to be the largest single deployment of this type of signs in the world.

The solar powered five-colour portable signs have been positioned along the city’s Olympic Route Network (ORN) for The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The 10,000 mile supply chain saw the companies meticulously manage 22 40ft containers on eight ships from Melbourne, Australia and 14 flights from Hong Kong in just 35 days.

Tony Price, Managing Director of Colour Mobile said, “Delivering this phase of the contract to schedule amid extreme weather conditions, port closures, flight delays and customs issues is immensely satisfying.

We’re certain this deployment of solar powered portable VMS signs onto the ORN has been the biggest of its type in the UK and quite likely globally. We worked closely with delivery partner P&D and Ringway Jacobs traffic management to ensure TfL could begin using the signs straight away.”

The signs are being used to provide information on events, traffic information and Olympic Route Network messages for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

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