Fully Compliant Real-Time Journey Time Information

Keep road users informed

The first solution to generate real-time journey time information for road users using data from the National Traffic Information Service (NTIS).

Designed in partnership with Highways England (HE) the NTIS Datex II Portable Journey Time Variable Message Sign (TTVMS) fully conforms with HE’s Major Project Instruction MPI-54-062016, which came into force on the 1st November 2018. It stipulates that schemes longer than 4k must display travel time legends on portable VMS to consistently advise customers of travel time to the end of the works.

To ensure your scheme is HE compliant, trust MVIS.

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Key Benefits

  • Data provided by NTIS
  • Continually monitor in real time complete journey time sections
  • Identify congestions or delays to within a few metres
  • Monitor changes in journey times and predict when traffic conditions will return to normal
  • In-vehicle GPS data provides coverage on remote parts of the network where there is generally less or no fixed monitoring equipment;  and ensures data is available at times when fixed sensors may be disabled
  • Less roadside ‘kit’ required on site with corresponding reduction in maintenance liability
Key Features

About Us

MVIS is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of portable VMS and other temporary traffic, event and safety management solutions for hire across the UK.

With 21 depots nationwide, MVIS is able to quickly deploy temporary ITS products and integrated solutions for hire to highways, construction and event management companies, government agencies and emergency services.

ITS products are manufactured and sold in the northern hemisphere by sister company Bartco UK.

Case Study

The NTIS Datex II Portable TTVMS was recently deployed for the £1.5bn A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon upgrade. Virtual journey times were displayed on 26 portable Bartco VMS from their locations to the end of the affected stretch of road, keeping an average of 85,000 drivers informed daily of predicted journey times, giving them the option to choose alternative routes.

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