ITS Technology for Distribution Centres

This year has brought challenges for shoppers and retailers alike, with the heavy focus on online shopping and panic buying in 2020, distribution centres across the UK are busier than ever.

On top of this increased workload, distribution centres, like the rest of the world are also having to work under COVID-19 conditions, that brings with it issues such as social distancing, mandatory PPE and increased infection control measures unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

Distribution centres are not only charged with the duty of getting our online orders to us and stock deliveries to retail stores, but they have to do so safely for the best interests of their employees and the general public. Due to the nature of a distribution centre’s activity, infection control is an important aspect of their business, as drivers are transporting goods, often all over the country. This raises a big question into responsibility for the safety of incoming drivers and outgoing drivers, as well as for any retail staff and end users handling or unpackaging the products being delivered.

Along with several industries, distribution and logistics companies from all over the UK have turned to MVIS this year to help them with this new responsibility. Using our portable, solar powered Variable Message Signs, distribution centres can take responsible steps when it comes to informing visitors and employees about the COVID-19 measures that the business has in place.

Our signs are proven traffic management solutions, allowing for the communication of often vital safety information to drivers. This can be especially effective for distribution centres, who deal with a stream of incoming and outgoing traffic. Whilst for traffic management applications, this information is often in relation to road works or delays, for distribution centres, this information under the current circumstances is taking the form of COVID-19 information and guidelines for entering the building grounds.

One example of a successful application of our portable VMS is at the Amazon distribution centre in Doncaster. This distribution centre required one of our VMS-C units to help manage incoming driver’s conduct as they arrive onsite to best ensure the safety of their staff.

Not only was this sign used to help enforce social distancing, but Amazon also identified the unique capability of our portable VMS to display multiple messages that can be changed quickly and easily using web browser or our mobile app. As result, Amazon were able to display other safety messages as well as COVID-19 related messages to offer a well-rounded solution that offer exactly what they needed for their traffic management.

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