Case Studies

A52 – Clifton Bridge

Following bouts of torrential weather in the Midlands in late 2019 and early 2020, water damage was discovered on Clifton Bridge in February 2020, forcing Nottingham City Council to undertake urgent repairs and resulting in the closure of 3 out of the 4 lanes on the A52. The impact of such a busy road being affected is one felt by many in the area. With widespread publicity and outcry over the disruption, Nottingham City Council turned to traffic management companies to oversee the highly important task of keeping Nottingham’s traffic moving whilst this work is taking place.

Clifton Bridge - A52

MVIS were contacted with an urgent need for our temporary ITS solutions.  Our Portable CCTV solution was requested to be deployed immediately. In response, we had deployed 2 units within hours. The next day, we delivered 2 more, resulting in 4 of our solar powered CCTV solutions deployed in the area to monitor traffic remotely.

Conducting such large scale works on any road as busy as the A52 is always going to be a big ask for the teams working on fixing the issue, the traffic management and the wider community. However, with a monumental job on their hands, the local authority and businesses involved are throwing what they can at this to get the crucial A52 back on its feet.

Not long afterwards, we were approached for more ITS solutions in the form of 6 x VMS-A’s on the routes leading up to the A52, which have been deployed for the purposes of further traffic calming and control measures, delivering traffic updates and information to drivers regarding this highly significant project.

Dom Bridge, Assistant Operations Manager at MVIS comments, “Being an important part of such a vital maintenance project charges us with a responsibility not just to our clients, but to the community as a whole. This job has had a huge impact on the people of Nottingham, and we understand that everyone involved are doing their best to get things back to normal. We take our role in this very seriously and seeing the difference our solutions are having is very rewarding. High impact projects like this remind us just how important traffic management and out products can be.”

James Armstrong, National Technology Relationship Manager for Highways England comments on the project, “MVIS were able to supply and erect 4 CCTV cameras to the A52, Clifton Bridge. This assisted Highways England’s East Midlands Regional Operations Centre in proactively managing any incidents which may have occurred on or around the bridge whilst essential maintenance works were ongoing. The swift delivery and installation of the CCTV cameras ensured that Operations had visual of the bridge for the foreseeable future which is an essential tool for the Operations Centre.”



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