MVIS VMS makes Impact for COVID-19 Safety

During these highly unusual times, everyone looks to government bodies for advice on what to do and to help keep people safe.

Spreading the right message has never been more important and with the high focus on local initiatives to help combat this virus, local authorities are left holding the responsibility of implementing the right solutions to help keep their area’s COVID levels as low as possible. The tasks of those areas currently facing local lockdown restrictions such as Bolton and the North East of England (to name but a few) is even bigger, as they are also charged with the responsibility of communicating their specific area’s lockdown rules rather than just guidance. 

Nothing has had a bigger impact in any sense this year than COVID-19, and with any high impact problem, you need a high impact solution to help manage it. Local authorities all over the UK have been turning to MVIS and our Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS) for help.

Not only this, but the media has also seen an opportunity for the potential of our VMS to put across a stark and important message through their photography, with a few deployments in particular receiving national media attention to help promote their news.

At least until such times as we have a vaccine widely available, one of the most powerful tools we have against this virus is information, bringing our portable VMS to forefront of the effort for the media and local authorities. VMS are often used in Hollywood and TV in disaster situations for this exact application – and with the world heading deeper into a state of emergency, we are seeing this become a reality before us.

With the ability to change messages remotely via web browser or mobile app, our signs can be updated safely without requiring anyone on-site. They can also be updated quickly and easily, allowing local authorities to be responsive to the changing guidance.

Our sign’s portability and solar power credentials make their responsiveness even more important, offering a moveable solution that gives the option of being able to relocate signs to new hot spots without having to worry about a fixed power supply.

One of the other aspects of our signs is their colour options. With the opportunity to display messages in multiple colours, local authorities and site managers are able to avoid the risk of ‘sign blindness’ that can occur with the use of the common amber message text sometimes seen on signs deployed for roadworks.

please ensure social distancing

Putting messages and backgrounds in different colours can help the text make extra impact as well as provide emphasis, increasing the chances it will be seen and most importantly read.

The use of colour can also be a powerful indicator to the public to convey and reinforce different types of messages, such as red for unsafe actions and green for safe actions, or a combination of colours to catch attention and try to influence certain types of behaviour, for example.

covid-19 do not mix with other households

As well as the opportunity to use different colours, our signs are also ideally used to display pictograms, which for foot traffic in urban areas can be highly effective for conveying critical messages.

hand face space

Another important factor that has allowed MVIS to step up to this challenge has been our fleet size and product range. With the largest fleet of VMS in the UK, MVIS are able to meet the demand that is currently coming our way, with not only the necessary numbers needed, but also being able to offer 3 different sizes of VMS to local authorities so they can use the appropriate sized sign for the specific audience, deployment and objective.

Whilst MVIS can deliver these helpful solutions, we specifically do so with premium level service, bringing our high-speed expertise and focus on compliance to local authorities, who may not be used to the same level of ‘all encompassing’ service that we provide. It is well known within the industry that working with MVIS takes concerns away from our clients, as we often go above and beyond in our service, offering 24/7 support, consultancy on deployment and ensuring the right unit is being used for the right job.

Join many local authorities in the UK and hire with MVIS today to be confident that your area’s COVID-19 information is being communicated by quality products in the care of experts.

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with crowd control, social distancing or queue management, please contact us via our contact form.

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