Case Studies

Bam Morgan Sindall Joint Venture (BMJV) and Costain

Following a competitive trial, MVIS was selected to supply variable message signs (VMS) to form part of a new customer experience pilot project on the M1 corridor, which incorporated smart motorway roadworks at three sites between junctions 42 and 15.

The deployment comprised 157 A and C portable VMS, manufactured in the UK by Bartco UK, 53 of which were used within a journey time solution (JTS) along with 55 Vysionics Vector Integrated ANPR cameras and MVIS’ Web Studio™ sign management system.

The solution

According to Morgan Sindall’s senior operations manager, Dave Todd, MVIS was selected to deliver the installation for a variety of reasons:

“Due to its partnership with Bartco UK, MVIS was able to quickly supply the large quantity of VMS required, and the signs were brand new and to EU standard. Indeed all the products were, in our opinion, the best on the market.

“Both BMJV and Costain had considerable experience of working with MVIS and had confidence in its ability to deliver a first class service. The company also offered the best value.”

The leader in the creation of temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions worked in partnership with the UK’s only manufacturer of portable, solar-powered, five colour matrix VMS, to create a JTS. Together they delivered the largest deployment of portable VMS on the UK motoring network to date.

Pat Musgrave, managing director of MVIS and Bartco UK commented:

“We are pleased to have been able to demonstrate our capacity to quickly deliver a solution on this scale; the UK manufacture of our VMS was crucial to our ability to meet the tight deadline.”