Working with Suppliers on Our Collective Responsibility to the Environment

Most companies that operates in the Traffic Management industry, along with many other businesses across the UK rely on some kind of company vehicle. We rely on our vehicles for a number of activities, most important of which is the core of our service- delivering portable ITS solutions for the safety of our customers and the general public.

With a company vehicle comes other responsibilities, including that which we owe to the environment as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

One of the biggest responsibilities we have when it comes to company vehicles is the decision over how we fuel them. With so many corporate fuel payment solutions available, it can be difficult to pick the one which offers the best value for money.

However, this decision is a lot more important than to consider just value for money. In line with our responsibilities, we are required to have a keen understanding of our suppliers to ensure that they share our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

For this reason, we use the Allstar fuel payment card, which offers a reliable solution as the UK’s leading fuel card provider.

As a member of the Allstar EcoPoint carbon mitigation programme, in partnership with GreenPrint, we share Allstar’s commitment to safeguarding the environment and in partnership with them, we have already contributed to the planting of over 5.8 million trees, which over time will help to off-set over 1.4 million tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere.  

The programme works in a similar fashion to our own. On behalf of Allstar and their customers, GreenPrint will oversee the purchasing of ‘carbon credits’, which are then, in part, converted into planted trees, supporting forestry projects around the world.

From January 2022, in addition to this, Allstar are also incorporating international renewable energy projects, industrial process improvement, transportation efficiency and landfill gas capture projects that support, like all of their investments, local and global communities and their environment – all for a small fee per card per month.

Not only does this help Allstar meet their corporate social responsibilities over sustainability and the environment, but it also helps us. It makes Allstar more attractive to work with to help meet our commitments regarding supplier responsibility, at the same time as compounding the impact of our own efforts

For more information about MVIS environmental policies, please see the ‘Environment’ section on our Safety Hub.