Fresh talent brings new energy and ideas to MVIS

Recently we have taken on several new members of staff which has brought new levels of excitement and enthusiasm to MVIS. Towards the end of last year, we welcomed our new Office Manager Sean Gardner to the team who brings with him over 10 years of experience in staff management. 

As we entered the new year, we welcomed two more new starters, Alex and Mia, and have a third starting with us this week, Clair.

By recruiting Alex, Mia and Clair, we strengthened both our in-house Marketing Department and Customer Relations team. In less than one month of taking on new team members, we have already reaped the benefits of their diverse skillset and could not be more excited about seeing them progress with us.

Our continual growth as a company means that we can expand our team to bring new talent, experience and perspectives into the group along with promoting staff from within to new roles. These perspectives allow us to ensure we are maintaining our high standards but also to learn new things from their skills and experience.

The office is experiencing an exciting atmosphere as a result of our new talent, and we are even more excited about what comes next for the rest of the year. 

Sean Gardner, Office Manager comments, “Since joining MVIS I have been welcomed and supported by the rest of the team. I look forward to doing the same by guiding our new members of staff, helping train them to keep our service levels at platinum level and keeping our customers happy”.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director added, “It is always sad to say goodbye to long serving members of the team, but sometimes you realise when fresh talent comes into the company it was actually needed. The addition of new employees has brought diverse ideas, new skills, and a fresh perspective that helps us better serve our customers. We could not be more pleased with our new staff and what they have achieved so far. Already the additional marketing skills we now have in house have made a huge difference to the whole department, giving it fresh eyes and ideas, our social media has already had a much-needed refresh. It has been an exciting time for everyone as we’ve welcomed new members to the team and given me the opportunity to push the business forward even more with the talent we now have”.