Using portable Variable Message Signs to Help Keep Order as COVID Restrictions Ease

As the national lockdown eases, it is more important than ever that we all keep in mind that the restrictions that remain, do so for a good reason. After such a long time of intermittent lockdowns, it can be easy for the smallest of easing to feel like freedom. However, with many of the existing restrictions having been eased on the 12th April, just before the 2021 May Day break, Local Authorities have a responsibility in ensuring that local residents are measured in their actions and behaviour to protect those who are not fully protected from the virus yet.

Over the last year, MVIS have been at the forefront of COVID signage, from deployments in town and city centres to signposting and traffic management applications for COVID vaccine or COVID test centres, we have been supporting COVID messaging needs all over the nation throughout the pandemic.

A good reason for this is the products themselves – our portable Variable Message Signs are ideally placed for important public safety messaging at time when it has never been needed more. Available in 3 different sizes, depending on the application, with either 2 or 5 colour LED display, our portable message signs are solar powered and trailer based, making them highly versatile.

They are also easy to update quickly and remotely using a mobile device or browser through our Bartco Live App or Web Studio and updates can be made by your team or ours, allowing you to stay responsive to changes in messaging as they occur.

Another reason we have been so heavily relied upon is due to the quality of our service and our reputation. Already having a good relationship with Local Authorities, we were well known around the UK for providing a top tier, platinum service, making us the most trusted supplier of trailer based ITS technology in the industry.

With the above in mind, it seems only logical that our signs led the national effort on COVID signage and continue to do so as the restrictions ease. We also boast the largest fleet of portable Variable Message Signs in the UK as well as national coverage for quick deployment, so we are also uniquely positioned to be able to assist Local Authorities all over the UK.

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with communicating information to the general public, please contact us via our contact form.

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