Future of Safer Roadworks

by Graeme Lee

High speed roads are extremely dangerous environments in which to undergo construction projects. Often, in certain conditions, on-site workers and motorists are left vulnerable to high speed traffic that could cause serious damage if not managed correctly. Such conditions may occur in the egress from a highway construction project, with heavy plant and construction vehicles merging into live traffic.

Traditionally, temporary static road signs have been used to warn on-coming drivers of the potential that works traffic may be merging from a construction zone. However, despite these signs, merging construction traffic accidents still occur and work zone traffic safety remains an on-going issue for site planners and drivers alike.

works traffic merging sign

While static egress signs do inform the motorist that works vehicles may be merging into live traffic, they do not give live information, and can easily be ignored.

Sign blindness poses a very real risk on the network, with construction zones that occur frequently and for lengthy stretches, and as drivers become fatigued with the same colours and shapes the more they see them.  

Developed by sister company Bartco UK, MVIS offer a solution that can help mitigate these issues. The Works Egress Safety Solution is available for hire from MVIS to help notify drivers when works traffic is exiting a work zone onto the main carriageway. Offering a safer and more robust solution than alternatives, this innovative autonomous system integrates a number of our products into a solar powered ITS safety solution designed specifically for this application.

Comprising of an HD Compact, VMS-A and two vehicle sensors, this surprisingly simple solution offers an incredibly effective vehicle activated approach. The sensors are located at the start of the acceleration zone in the works area, with the HD Compact informing the driver to ‘WAIT HERE’

mvis works egress safety solution

On the main carriageway, a VMS-A is deployed to warn high speed traffic that works traffic may be merging. Upon being triggered by the sensors, the HD Compact changes from its default message ‘WORK EGRESS – WAIT HERE’, to ‘MERGE WHEN SAFE’, depending on the specific requirement.

works egress safety solution with hd compact

At the same time, the VMS-A is also activated, displaying a warning message such as ‘WORKS TRAFFIC MERGING FROM RIGHT’, warning drivers ahead of time that works traffic will be merging onto the carriageway. After a set time has passed, the HD Compact reverts to its ‘WAIT HERE’ message and the VMS-A goes blank, reducing unnecessary signage and ensuring that the VMS-A has maximum impact for drivers when it is needed.

works egress safety solution with vms a

If you would like to learn more about our Work Egress Safety Solution, please contact us via our contact form. Alternatively, you can call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via sales@m-vis.co.uk.