NTIS DATEX II Portable Travel Time VMS: Pioneering and HE Compliant

In 2016 we were proud to become the first ITS solution providers to have real-time journey information from the National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC) displayed on VMS, improving the commuter’s journey experience.

We are proud to say that as well as being the first to offer this pioneering solution, we fully comply with Highways England’s (HE) stringent criteria.

Our NTIS DATEX II Portable Travel Time VMS (TTVMS) was created in partnership with HE as part of its Travel Demand Management (TDM) pilot for use on its Manchester Smart Motorway (MSM) initiative.

It’s since gone on to feature in HE’s largest scheme, the £1.5bn A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon upgrade. Displaying  journey times on 26 portable Bartco VMS, the system helps inform 85,000 drivers on average each day of their predicted journey time, assisting them to choose a different route.

During the MSM project, HE issued its supply chain with a new Major Project Instruction, MPI-54-062016, ensuring that schemes of longer than 4km must not only display TTVMS legends on portable VMS to let customers know the travel time to the end of the works, more importantly that consistency is achieved between the information displayed and Strategic Road Network (SRN) fixed VMS.

The data we use is provided by the National Traffic Information Service (NTIS), which validates all data collected from GPS probe devices, ensuring quality and accuracy by comparing the measured journey times and speeds with ANPR and MIDAS data.

Compared to fixed traffic monitoring devices such as ANPR to generate journey time information, there are many advantages to using data from in-vehicle GPS devices, allowing real time monitoring and low latency, granularity of traffic data, improved coverage and less roadside equipment.

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Why choose MVIS…?

MVIS is a leading supplier of mobile and solar powered monitoring and visual information systems. Designed to get you seen, MVIS’ messaging signs deliver a cost effective temporary intelligent transport system (ITS) solution to suit the specific needs of your project.

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MVIS is also registered by the NQA against the provisions of standards BS EN ISO 14001:2015 in environmental management and BS EN ISO 9001:2015. So you can be sure that MVIS’ products and services meet industry requirements, and that they are committed to improving their sustainability through the increasingly efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

As one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of variable message signs (VMS) and traffic management, event and safety solutions, MVIS delivers a quality service across any project. From our tried and tested Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) that can house a number of ITS products to our NTIS DATEX II Portable Travel Time VMS (TTVMS) solution (previously Datex JTS) which enables real-time journey information for roads from Highways England’s National Traffic Operations Centre (NTOC) to be displayed to road users, you can trust MVIS to provide you with the best available ITS solution.

Here at MVIS, our dedicated team are committed to getting to know you and taking the time to understand your needs to help find the right traffic management solutions for your operation. We use our expertise to deliver efficient and reliable projects across the UK, from motorway projects to festivals, and airport signage to advertising; we can do it all. Through outstanding customer service and ongoing support, our customers are confident that MVIS can deliver.
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“We would just like to say how much we appreciate the great service we receive from MVIS every year, both from Dom and Tillie in head office and also the thoroughly professional approach from Darren and Tim who installed the signs.” – intu Trafford Centre

“MVIS was able to quickly supply the large quantity of VMS required, and the signs were brand new and to EU standard. Indeed all the products were, in our opinion, the best on the market.” – Morgan Sindall

“Your service has been fantastic and I have never had any problems with the project. I would always recommend you as a company going forward.” – RTS Westfield

To find out more about how MVIS can offer an excellent service across your traffic management system get in touch with our team on 01629 580 570 or email sales@m-vis.co.uk