MVIS Celebrates Female Team Members on International Women’s Day 2021

Never forgetting the importance of any of our team members, MVIS and Bartco UK do not shy away from an excuse to celebrate our wonderful team – and International Women’s Day 2021 offers us such an excuse. It’s been a very strange year since the last International Women’s Day, during which our team have achieved so much. To celebrate, we will be shining a spotlight on our team’s achievements by looking at the amazing and professional example that the women who work here set for women everywhere.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director of both MVIS and Bartco UK is the force that keeps things running smoothly. Anne serves a central role in helping to build both companies from very early days and has achieved a great deal in the almost 10 years she has dedicated to the group. Anne prioritises safety and customer service above all else, with a firm belief that training and looking after her staff will get the most out of them. As a result, MVIS and Bartco UK boast one of the most well-trained workforces in the industry and the team largely has Anne to thank for the opportunity, support and encouragement to be in this position. Whilst working full time, Anne also completed a business degree in 2019, demonstrating incredible commitment and hard work. Steering the company through COVID-19, Anne set out a number of safety measures, policies and employee well-being initiatives that helped to safeguard the team during such an unusual time. 





Bartco UK’s Purchasing and Stock Control Supervisor, Rebecca Prince, has risen through the ranks at Bartco UK, starting as an apprentice with the group back in 2015, and in a short space of time she has risen to not only supervising her own department, but to also being a mentor and supervisor of staff herself, helping others through their apprenticeships. Along with Anne, Bec is a Mental Health First Aider for both MVIS and Bartco UK, being a friendly and welcoming face to anyone who is struggling with their mental health at the group. Bec has been a key point of call for members of staff required to work from the HQ during COVID-19.




Mizzy Watson’s role with MVIS makes her the ‘face of the company’ to many clients and customers, working as an Operations and Customer Service team member and she remains professional yet friendly at all times. Reliable and excellent at her job, Mizzy is a key member of the team and fully buys into the MVIS way. During COVID, Mizzy has managed to keep up the quality of her job whilst managing  increased childcare, no easy feat for any mother but MVIS commends Mizzy especially for keeping on top of this as well as her job.





Having joined MVIS at only 16 years old in 2016, Tillie Woolliscroft started her time here in Operations and Customer Service, working well with our team in the field and customers alike. Being promoted to Marketing Assistant in 2019, Tillie is fully underway with her training in marketing skills. Since moving roles, Tillie has been trained on important aspects of marketing and editing and has found herself excelling in some vital marketing aspects such as graphic design and image editing. During her time here, Tillie has gone on to not only complete her apprenticeship, but to also win Learning Unlimited Intermediate Apprentice of the Year Award in 2018. 





Pip Wood works alongside Bec for Bartco UK as Purchasing and Stock Control Apprentice, whilst studying towards her Business Administration qualification. Finishing her ITOPS in March 2021, she will be starting a new college course soon. Joining the company in 2019, Pip has taken to her role with vigour and enthusiasm we see her confidence and capability grow each day. Since a workspace restructure, the main office has got to see much more of Pip in recent months and the working environment is much better off for it; so much so that she received multiple nominations for her award of Employee of the Month in February 2020.





Last but certainly not least, Juliette Wright is our newest team member, joining us in early January 2021. Juliette has joined the company as our Sales & Customer Relations Administrator at perhaps one of the most unusual times, hot on the heels of COVID-19. Having fitted in tremendously, Juliette serves an important role at MVIS, being a fundamental point of support for the sales department and  has very quickly become ‘part of the team’, with a fantastic approach to work and a real team player attitude. This is made all the more impressive since Juliette has hit the ground running so well with her work, she is gaining a quick understanding of what the business is about without having even met some of the team yet due to the work from home restrictions in place. 


It’s safe to say that both MVIS and Bartco UK have every reason to celebrate the women that make a fundamental part of our team.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!