Football Stadiums Utilise Easy Messaging with Electronic Signage

It’s been an unusual year for the events industry. One of the biggest hit areas was football stadiums, who have been allowed to open inconsistently throughout the year with various restrictions placed on them, such as limited attendance and of course the expected social distancing, which can be very difficult to enforce and manage in such a public and busy environment.

Our products are proven solutions when it comes to crowd control applications, with our portable Variable Message Signs having been used at some of the biggest events in the UK every year, as well as their increased use during the COVID-19 pandemic in highly popular areas for Local Authorities to communicate important safety messages to lots of people at one time.

For stadiums and arenas, the use of our signs offers a useful option to help get across vital messages to attendees, which will be especially important as things open back up again as people may be unsure of where to go, any changes to facilities or layouts and simply just to remind them to adhere to social distancing, ensuring that the venues are doing everything they can to protect their visitors for future events.

Ideal applications of our signs at stadiums, arenas and other venues tend to include wayfinding, safety messages, as well as audience interaction to manage venue communications without interrupting the game or show for things such as competitions.

In addition to these applications, we have also seen an increase in our signs been used for matters of inclusivity. In recent years, there has been a huge spotlight on football in particular for issues relating to homophobia within the sport, both in terms of on and off the pitch, for fans and players.

In an effort to help combat this, football stadiums are using our signs to help spread the message of inclusivity not only to fans, but to passers-by also, helping to get the message out to the general public and visitors alike. The aim of this is to demonstrate that stadiums taking part at least are proudly welcoming of members of the LGBT community to their grounds.

Innovative applications such as this are a fantastic way to demonstrate the versatility of our signs. Easy to update via web browser or mobile app, our units can even be changed quickly and remotely so they can be responsive to emergency situations.

Available in 3 different sizes depending on the application or space available, our signs offer venues an easy and useful way to get messages across to visitors, whether they be for safety, to help the event run smoother or help change attitudes, MVIS Variable Message Signs have you covered.

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