MVIS and Bartco UK Team continue to up skill

As COVID continues to bring changes to every aspect of our lives, we are finding more ways of dealing with it, individually, as a society and as an economy. With this comes a huge amount of responsibility to employers and employees alike to make sure they are conducting business and working in a responsible and safe way.

MVIS and Bartco UK have a great track record when it comes to training, especially in the area of Health & Safety, in which we actually hold an ISO accreditation, (45001:2018), along with accreditations in quality (9001:2015) and environmental management (14001:2015).

The group management team places training high on the agenda for the whole team, making sure that everyone understands the importance of Health and Safety for the best interests of themselves and the wider public due to the nature of the work we do, but this importance has never been more apparent then it is now.

One of the main aspects that raises concern is maintaining a safe and healthy workforce in these times, which encompasses mental health / well-being, COVID infection control and site safety. As a result, these aspects are being tackled internally to allow us to maintain the safety of our team, so that we can continue to bring safety solutions for the benefit of the general public.

In a previous post, we explore the implementation of Peninsula’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). However, we haven’t stopped there – in recent weeks, we have mandated our whole team to sit the COVID-19 Site Safety Plus course accredited by CITB, a course that has an expiration of 5 years from completion that attests to the quality of information and learning received for participants.

The course itself was in-depth and thorough, bringing with it a new and deeper level of appreciation for COVID for our whole team, not just those who are required to work on site but even for those working from home. The more everyone understands the severity of keeping workplaces and sites controlled and as close to COVID safe as possible, the better for our team as individuals, for the group as a whole and for wider society in general.