Introducing: The Safety Hub

MVIS and sister company Bartco UK have always prioritised safety, whether it’s the safety of our customers, the general public or our own team. Safety always starts with our own team however – whether that’s in the form of the training we deliver to ensure that our delivery drivers keep the public safe when out on the road, or if it’s fire warden training for our office staff, safety plays a huge part in our approach to our day to day work life.

As a show of this commitment, a few years ago we launched the ‘Safe Mind’ campaign, which was implemented in our working environment in order to raise awareness about matters of  safety and mental health within our organisation.

However, in recent months, we have expanded the whole initiative to reach all aspects of our safety measures. As the COVID-19 pandemic caused havoc when it came to matters of health and safety for not just business but the whole world, everyone gained a whole new level of appreciation for the concept of ‘safety’.

The introduction of our ‘Safety Hub’ serves to demonstrate our commitment to safety in all areas. It offers a place on our website for our team and customers to read up on matters of safety, from where to go when they need someone to speak to, to the measures we are taking to make our working environment as safe as possible when it comes to infection control.

However, the Safety Hub is much more than a place on our website. Importantly, it’s a state of mind that we encourage in every step of our business. The Safety Hub covers Health, Training, Products & Solutions and keeping the environment safe. All are aspects of our business that necessitate a strong commitment to safety and responsibility, which makes it even more important that we keep focus on them as employees and as a business.

Going forward, the Safety Hub will be a central point in our business in which we promote not just safety itself, but also the importance of safety, referring our team and customers to relevant information in order to make sure they are aware of the measures we take to uphold our standards of safety.