A very MVIS Christmas and a Bartco UK New Year

The holidays are officially here and the MVIS / Bartco UK team have been getting ready throughout December for the long-awaited festive break of 2020.

Part of our preparations for the holidays this year already has been our Christmas Jumper Day, where we raised funds for Ashgate Hospicecare. This week, we also took part in our traditional food bank drive, where we encouraged our team to bring items for our local food bank.

Obviously, with some of our team working from home, the usual method of bringing items into the office was not possible, however, we didn’t let this get in the way.

Members of the team were encouraged to donated to their local food bank or send money to one of our managers to make a donation on their behalf. As a result, we managed to gather a very respectable amount of food and required items to donate between us.

This year, with soaring unemployment and the world in crisis with COVID-19, our help is needed more than ever. Food banks are an important part of our community that puts food on the tables of those who need it most. It is for this reason that we shouldn’t let COVID-19 get in the way of our responsibilities as a business in our community.

But of course, Christmas is also about having fun too, which is why we thought it highly important to make the most of the annual Christmas party, which is always a guaranteed blast. However, as with everything this year, COVID put up limitations on what we could do, forcing us to conduct a virtual party. Despite these limitations, the party this year was a resounding success, potentially even one of the best yet, complete with bingo, quizzes, Secret Santa, ‘Guess the Baby’ and a delicious meal ordered right to our own doors as well. 

As the team wind down for the holidays, we tip our hats to our staff who remain on call over Christmas and New Year. MVIS operates a 24/7, 365 days a year emergency support line, which, given the circumstances this year, is especially crucial to the safety of the nation should any of our clients, such as Local Authorities or hospitals require assistance over the break.

Our office opening times over the holidays are:

24th – 25th Dec – Closed

29th – 31st Dec – 08:00 – 16:00

1st Jan – Closed

4th Jan – 08:00 – 17:30

Our emergency line is available 24/7 – 01629 580570

The MVIS and Bartco UK team want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021!


Not exactly your average year in review…

So…2020. Where do we even start with this one? If we said it has been a rather peculiar year, it just does not seem to do it justice, does it?

To say we’ve all faced some trials and tribulations in 2020 is perhaps the understatement of the year, but when MVIS & Bartco UK looks back at their own 2020, with the obvious set aside for just a moment, 2020 hasn’t necessarily been all that bad.

The company has seen growth across several fronts, as new products and people have joined the companies. Additionally, a year of major projects and promotions has also seen valuable lessons learned about the company’s adaptability, flexibility and ability to react to unforeseen circumstances.


Living with lockdown – March

A new way of life, and working was ‘introduced’ in March. Using the word ‘introduced’ rather lightly – ‘enforced’ may be more apt – requiring rapid adaptation to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

MVIS acted quickly to keep Britain moving by making a virtually immediate jump to home working for all office staff as soon as it was advised to do so by the government.

Staff meetings were moved to virtual hangouts via Microsoft Teams, and the delivery team were forced to adapt to new protocols to keep themselves, and their clients safe whilst out on site.

The ability to do this quickly has left the company in no doubt that they have the right team in place, as the Covid-19 rollercoaster continues into 2021.

Living with lockdown – July

Late June into July saw the national lockdown lifted and returning to office work was permitted again.

With no relinquishing of a ‘safety first’ mindset, MVIS welcomed back staff on a rota basis. Believing mental health is as important as physical health, office staff had the choice of where to work within restrictions.

At HQ, some strict measures were implemented which put increased demands on the team on top of already demanding roles.

These measures include:

  • Disinfection of all collected units
  • Limited vehicle sharing with mandatory masks if sharing
  • Mandatory disinfection of all surfaces & shared facilities
  • Hand sanitising stations located throughout the buildings
  • Perspex screens dividing workstations
  • Daily temperature readings
  • A complete layout change to the building
  • VMS deployed in strategic locations for safety information
  • All external doors & windows left open when people are in the building
  • Withdrawal of shared utensils and pots
  • Table and canopy built outside to allow for socially distanced meetings
  • The workshop floor was marked out with ‘bays’ stationed 2m apart
  • Second workshop set up
  • New ‘snap cabin’ recreational area further segregating the use of shared facilities
  • Daily Microsoft Teams meetings updates
  • Visitor entry restrictions marked by VMS
  • Placement of workplace safety signage to remind employees to wash and sanitise hands

Territorial ‘pods’ were also created separating departments and ensuring that the staff who are required to work from head office do not come into contact with others. Furthermore, staff must wear a mask when moving from workstations.


One thing that hasn’t changed in 2020, is MVIS’ delivery on major projects across the UK.

East to west from the M20 in Kent across the country and indeed the border to Mountain Ash, Wales, as well as a North-South coverage from East Lothian, Scotland all the way down to Folkestone. A truly national operation.


HD Compact v2.0

Back in June, MVIS and Bartco UK were proud to announce the latest version of their revolutionary HD Compact VMS.

V.1 of the HD Compact was the first of its kind, and V.2 offers added developments. One of the biggest developments is the use of solar power, providing highly extended maintenance free run-time and sustainability commitments.


HD Compact V2.0

IVD Radar

The IVD Radar is a portable traffic flow monitoring solution, providing traffic data on single and multi-lane highways and roads.

With remotely downloadable data from a unit that can detect from 2-100m away, no one is required on site to collect the data, which is especially important in COVID conditions.



In October, MVIS announced that several of its leadership team had earned promotions.

Anne Ashman, formerly General Manager became Group Commercial and Operations Director. Anne’s promotion was coupled with another Directorship as Graeme Lee, long time Sales Manager took on the role of Sales Director.

Finally, Dom Bridge earned a promotion to Operations Manager after 7 years with the company.



Chris Steel

MVIS welcomed Chris Steel to the team in July 2020 as Accounts Officer.

Ed Faulkner

Ed Faulkner is the most recent addition to the MVIS team, joining the business as Sales Manager in October.


Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS told us:

“We take recruitment very seriously and don’t let just anyone into our business. After a rather unconventional recruitment process due to COVID-19, Chris and Ed both stepped up to the plate.”

Moving forward…

Certainly, 2020 has been somewhat of a roller coaster, but this is a company who has created diamonds under the pressure, stimulated diversification and overall growth and has a happy, healthy workforce striving for even bigger things in 2021.

Source: https://www.highwaysindustry.com/

Getting Festive for Christmas Jumper Day

There is no ignoring the stark differences in Christmas Jumper Day this year compared to previous years. As many of us continue to work from home, the hype of Christmas Jumper Day was under threat. However, in true MVIS and Bartco UK fashion, we didn’t let COVID get in the way of our fundraising festivities.

As our chosen Charity this year, we opted to fundraise for Ashgate Hospicecare. Ashgate, our local end of life hospice, have had a very difficult year. The charity relies on several appeals through the year that have been extremely difficult to conduct in the usual way this year due to COVID.

We started raising funds for Ashgate earlier in year for the Sparkle Walk appeal. As a large local event, over the years, we have donated use of our signs to assist with promotion, wayfinding and traffic management for the event that usually saw thousands of Chesterfield residents march against cancer. However, with COVID putting up barriers for this, Ashgate innovated and moved to a virtual Sparkle event that engaged people digitally for the fundraising.

Still wanting to contribute, MVIS and Bartco UK decided to take part with our own challenge of 200 collective miles travelled and then a virtual Sparkle quiz with our own team, raising nearly £400 for the charity.  

Christmas Jumper Day 2020 saw members of our team from all levels of the business come together in spirit to celebrate Christmas as a workforce, as well as to celebrate the important time of giving that so many vulnerable and needy people rely on for generosity.

This year, the Bartco UK and MVIS staff raised £16 for Christmas Jumper Day, which considering our small team, is a modest but respectable effort from the people who were available to take part.

This amount, plus the rest that we have raised this year will help make a difference to local patients and families who need specialist hospice care.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director commented, “Christmas Jumper Day is a great opportunity for us to give back to the world whilst letting our hair down a bit and bringing some Christmas cheer to our working lives. Whilst our team is split across the country right now, it’s great seeing them come together by taking part and helping people at the same time.”

Anne continues. “Picking our yearly Charity is always a difficult decision. With all the worthy causes that existed before COVID, the scope of who needs help this year has grown beyond anything we could have expected. But then hearing of the very local plight of one of our palliative care institutions, it seemed the right thing to do to select Ashgate as our Charity in 2020.”


2020 Advent Calendar

MVIS North Pole Depot


The Bartco and MVIS team have received an exiting letter today from Santa! lets see how we can help make sure Christmas is still going to run smoothly despite Covid19!


It looks like Santa has set us the task of helping him make sure Christmas comes together since a case of Covid in his own workshop means all of his elves have been sent home! The Bartco and MVIS elf team are perfect for the task!


Our highly trained team are ensuring that all letters have been seen to and Santa gets an accurate naughty and nice list! We know that all of our customers are on the nice list this year!




Mizzy has been busy all morning ordering presents ready for our nifty wrapping crew to get them on Santas sleigh by Christmas eve!



Santa is running on budget this year!



That’s a lot of presents! Our wrappers have their work cut out for the next few weeks!



The naughty and nice lists are in, now its time for tags to be made!



The new sleigh design is almost ready for construction, Lucky Tom is fully trained on CAD and has designed it bigger and better then ever with our Solar panels and even SIP for night vision!



Mark and Jay are busy searching the south for Santa’s reindeer, a couple have gotten lost on the way to the Matlock warehouse!


DAY 10

The warehouse elves are busy making repairs to Santa’s sleigh! Tom has earned himself a well deserved milk and cookie break after all of that designing!



DAY 11

The Elves have had a team meeting today to make sure that everything is running smoothly and on time in order to ensure everything is ready for Christmas eve!



DAY 12

Dom has been planning Santa’s route via Web studio, it’s a good job has got plenty of experience in up wide deliveries!




DAY 13

The Elves are getting busy today decorating the tree outside of the workshop!



DAY 14

The MVIS and Bartco team have been busy looking after the reindeer that jay and mark rounded up this morning


DAY 15

Looks like one of the elves has been into Santa’s cookie stash! Make sure you leave your cookies out for him to collect on Christmas eve! 



DAY 16

Darren and Jon are on site today scheduling all of our units with journey time to the Bartco warehouse for Santa! Cant have him running late for Christmas!




DAY 17

And we have lift off! Thanks to the amazing team at Bartco, Santa’s Sleigh is up and ready for Christmas! Tim is doing final test drive before the big day.


DAY 18

Santa has popped in to see his new sleigh! Tim is showing the upgrades.




DAY 19


Only 6 sleeps until Santa is due to start his deliveries, check sheets and risk assessments all in place!

DAY 20


its almost the big day! Make sure you`re all stocked up with milk and mince pies for Santa!



DAY 21


Santa has arrived to do his final preparations before the big day!

DAY 22

One of the most important jobs of all is getting the reindeer ready! Some of the elves are rounding them up today!


DAY 23

We have been busy getting the last few bits and bobs sorted for tomorrow! Thankyou to all of the Bartco/MVIS team for all of their hard work this month!



DAY 24

Merry Christmas everyone! Lets hope Santa stops at each and every one of your houses tonight!



DAY 25


And, relax! Finally the MVIS/Bartco elves can relax knowing that they have saved Christmas! Its time for a party!

Getting ready for Christmas

This year, probably more than most, we eagerly anticipate Christmas as a time we can celebrate or at least relax after what everyone would agree has been a very unusual year. Christmas is a time that we have traditionally taken very seriously at MVIS and despite the unusual circumstances, we are not letting it get in the way of our festivities.

At our Matlock HQ, the team have put the tree up and decorated, with everyone excited for our Secret Santa gifts, which have either been mailed to home workers or placed under the tree for those required to work from the building.

Just as with the way we have had to do our Secret Santa this year, we have seen many changes in the way we do business. COVID has split the team down the middle, into those who work from home and those who are required to work from the office or our workshop. However, with social distancing restrictions in place, even working from the building can be quite isolating.

It is for this reason mainly that Christmas brings us so much to look forward to this year. As the year has progressed, the opportunities for all of us to see our colleagues in a social setting has diminished. The idea of going for a pint after work seems like a distant memory for most.

Even though we will be unable to have a traditional Christmas party, we will be offering staff a fun filled virtual night, with drinks, quizzes, Secret Santa opening and a mystery box for each member of staff that’s not to be opened until the night of the party.

As well as this, we are of course taking part in our Christmas Charity commitments, which will be announced soon, and Christmas Jumper Day cannot be missed, even if you are working from home!

Also, stay tuned throughout December to catch up with what our Elvish counter parts are up to at our North Pole depot…