Getting ready for Christmas

This year, probably more than most, we eagerly anticipate Christmas as a time we can celebrate or at least relax after what everyone would agree has been a very unusual year. Christmas is a time that we have traditionally taken very seriously at MVIS and despite the unusual circumstances, we are not letting it get in the way of our festivities.

At our Matlock HQ, the team have put the tree up and decorated, with everyone excited for our Secret Santa gifts, which have either been mailed to home workers or placed under the tree for those required to work from the building.

Just as with the way we have had to do our Secret Santa this year, we have seen many changes in the way we do business. COVID has split the team down the middle, into those who work from home and those who are required to work from the office or our workshop. However, with social distancing restrictions in place, even working from the building can be quite isolating.

It is for this reason mainly that Christmas brings us so much to look forward to this year. As the year has progressed, the opportunities for all of us to see our colleagues in a social setting has diminished. The idea of going for a pint after work seems like a distant memory for most.

Even though we will be unable to have a traditional Christmas party, we will be offering staff a fun filled virtual night, with drinks, quizzes, Secret Santa opening and a mystery box for each member of staff that’s not to be opened until the night of the party.

As well as this, we are of course taking part in our Christmas Charity commitments, which will be announced soon, and Christmas Jumper Day cannot be missed, even if you are working from home!

Also, stay tuned throughout December to catch up with what our Elvish counter parts are up to at our North Pole depot…