MVIS North Pole Depot


The Bartco and MVIS team have received an exiting letter today from Santa! lets see how we can help make sure Christmas is still going to run smoothly despite Covid19!


It looks like Santa has set us the task of helping him make sure Christmas comes together since a case of Covid in his own workshop means all of his elves have been sent home! The Bartco and MVIS elf team are perfect for the task!


Our highly trained team are ensuring that all letters have been seen to and Santa gets an accurate naughty and nice list! We know that all of our customers are on the nice list this year!




Mizzy has been busy all morning ordering presents ready for our nifty wrapping crew to get them on Santas sleigh by Christmas eve!



Santa is running on budget this year!



That’s a lot of presents! Our wrappers have their work cut out for the next few weeks!



The naughty and nice lists are in, now its time for tags to be made!



The new sleigh design is almost ready for construction, Lucky Tom is fully trained on CAD and has designed it bigger and better then ever with our Solar panels and even SIP for night vision!



Mark and Jay are busy searching the south for Santa’s reindeer, a couple have gotten lost on the way to the Matlock warehouse!


DAY 10

The warehouse elves are busy making repairs to Santa’s sleigh! Tom has earned himself a well deserved milk and cookie break after all of that designing!



DAY 11

The Elves have had a team meeting today to make sure that everything is running smoothly and on time in order to ensure everything is ready for Christmas eve!



DAY 12

Dom has been planning Santa’s route via Web studio, it’s a good job has got plenty of experience in up wide deliveries!




DAY 13

The Elves are getting busy today decorating the tree outside of the workshop!



DAY 14

The MVIS and Bartco team have been busy looking after the reindeer that jay and mark rounded up this morning


DAY 15

Looks like one of the elves has been into Santa’s cookie stash! Make sure you leave your cookies out for him to collect on Christmas eve! 



DAY 16

Darren and Jon are on site today scheduling all of our units with journey time to the Bartco warehouse for Santa! Cant have him running late for Christmas!




DAY 17

And we have lift off! Thanks to the amazing team at Bartco, Santa’s Sleigh is up and ready for Christmas! Tim is doing final test drive before the big day.


DAY 18

Santa has popped in to see his new sleigh! Tim is showing the upgrades.




DAY 19


Only 6 sleeps until Santa is due to start his deliveries, check sheets and risk assessments all in place!

DAY 20


its almost the big day! Make sure you`re all stocked up with milk and mince pies for Santa!



DAY 21


Santa has arrived to do his final preparations before the big day!

DAY 22

One of the most important jobs of all is getting the reindeer ready! Some of the elves are rounding them up today!


DAY 23

We have been busy getting the last few bits and bobs sorted for tomorrow! Thankyou to all of the Bartco/MVIS team for all of their hard work this month!



DAY 24

Merry Christmas everyone! Lets hope Santa stops at each and every one of your houses tonight!



DAY 25


And, relax! Finally the MVIS/Bartco elves can relax knowing that they have saved Christmas! Its time for a party!