Anne Ashman celebrates 9 Years with Us

Despite the chaos of this year with COVID-19 dominating news and business news, we have a lot to celebrate this year, with a number of significant changes to our workforce that demonstrates anything other than slowing down, unlike the rest of the economy.

Between new employees starting with us and new promotions, 2020 has presented major changes to our organisation. However, it’s not just the changes that we can celebrate – we can also celebrate aspects of continuity, with staff retention being a high priority for us in our business model.

Last week, we celebrated a huge milestone for the company – Anne Ashman, MVIS and Bartco UK’s Commercial and Operations Director has been with the company for 9 years!

Anne joined the organisation back in 2011 and has been with us through all the changes we have seen happen over the years, from the company name change from Colour Mobile VMS to MVIS and incorporation of Bartco UK and Bartco AU into the group, right through to leading the team through the global coronavirus pandemic.

Starting at the group as Office Manager, Anne has progressed first to Office and Finance Manager, then to General Manager, and now, in 2020, she has been promoted to UK Group Commercial and Operations Director.

On top of this, Anne has also been personally nominated and submitted as a finalist for 2 awards this year, both relating to her leadership and management over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anne’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills equips her with the ability to generate new ideas to help solve problems. Along with her organisation skills, Anne is adept in applying the best solution for any problem that utilises every aspect of the MVIS and Bartco UK machine to it’s maximum potential.

Serving as a major implementer for both MVIS and Bartco UK’s success from the start, Anne has been leading her teams for the last 8 years, writing and implementing all the policies and processes that the UK work to and ensuring that all customers get the best service possible.

Anne was also the driving force behind the UK group achieving certification for an integrated ISO management system whilst recruiting and training the majority of staff, who are widely considered to be amongst the best trained in the industry.

Never wanting to stagnate, Anne places a huge emphasis on training and development, not just of her team but also of herself. Having gained her Open University Business Management Degree last year, her HR qualification in 2018, ITOPS in 2019, even completing a Directors Development program during the lockdown, to name but a few, Anne brings her skills and training to an industrial scale, ensuring all staff can benefit from her training and their own training so our organisation is always moving forward and is best equipped to grow in an ever changing market place.

Pat Musgrave, Managing Director of MVIS and Bartco UK, comments “We are very pleased to be celebrating Anne’s employment of 9 years with us. Over this time, I have come to learn that her tenacity is only overshadowed by her record of success. Her years of service have been essential for the group’s growth. We thank Anne for her service and everyone at MVIS and Bartco UK are looking forward to many more years of growth under Anne’s direction.”