MVIS and Bartco UK recertify ISO accreditations

MVIS and Bartco UK are proud to announce the recertification of our ISO accreditations in quality (9001:2015), environmental management (14001:2015), and health & safety (45001:2018).

Issued and audited by global certification body NQA, ISO accreditations enforce the practise of and adherence to well-known and respected business standards that help organisations perform better in a wide range of aspects. For MVIS and Bartco UK, the standards of quality (9001:2015), environmental management (14001:2015) and health & safety (45001:2018) are of critical importance to our business, making recognition of these facets in our business operations a highly aspirational goal for us and furnishing us with a full IMS (integrated management system), integrating our systems and processes into one complete framework.

Our quality certification (9001:2015), assures clients that our products and services meet industry requirements. As a very important factor when it comes to equipment such as ours that promotes safety, clients look to MVIS and Bartco UK for reliable and effective products that not only tick all the boxes in their offering, but also have the ISO accreditation in quality behind them.

As an ITS solutions group, we work closely with the Highways and Traffic Management industries to deliver our solutions and products across the whole of the UK. Having such close ties to these industries, our environmental impact is of great importance to our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.. By working with a company that has obtained this accreditation, clients can rest assured that the company their required ITS solution came from is improving their sustainability through increasingly efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

The health & safety accreditation, (45001:2018), completes our IMS in an area that doesn’t just demonstrate our commitment to our customers, but also to our staff. With its focus on employee safety and the safety of working environments, this standard is perhaps one of our most important, helping us conform to safety standards that keep our staff safe. Due to the nature of work undertaken by many of our team across highways, vehicle management, crowd safety and construction, the safety of our staff and others is paramount in transporting and deploying our units. Staff, customers and even pedestrians can all be safe in the knowledge that our products have been manufactured and deployed with safety in mind.

Having already earned these ISO accreditations over the past few years, MVIS and Bartco UK are subject to audits by NQA that sees us reviewed on these aspects annually and fully reviewed every 3 years to ensure that we are in keeping with standards as time goes on. It is with immense pride that both MVIS and Bartco UK can say they have had their ISO accreditations renewed, demonstrating our commitment to procedure, safety and compliance yet again.

Anne Ashman, Group General Manager, commented, “This is a “pat on the back” for everyone who works at MVIS & Bartco UK. The whole team understand the importance of re-certification of all 3 standards and the impact it has on both company’s future and continual growth. Since first gaining ISO certification 3 years ago the companies have continually improved systems and aimed even higher on service levels to ensure our customers get a quality service from MVIS and Bartco UK”.

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