Product Spotlight: Portable Solar Powered Invictus CCTV

MVIS / Bartco UK are known for engaging in partnerships that benefit not just those involved, but the wider industry too. One of our latest partnerships with 360 Vision is an excellent example, one that sees the integration of 360 Vision’s Invictus CCTV with our Solar IP, giving rise to a whole new groundbreaking solution.

This new product boasts an incredibly clear picture and performs excellently in low light conditions. 360 Vision have delivered a camera that is low in power demands but still offers an HD image, allowing the Research & Development Team at Bartco UK to work on integrating a power source in the form of our Solar IP.

The Invictus HD camera itself offers a fully ruggedized housing, with exceptional build quality. The toughened optical glass window features a wiper and its Pan & Tilt gearbox is ultra-reliable and resilient. The defining feature, however, could be argued to be its integrated high-performance IR lights with intelligent control, which enables its powerful performance in low light conditions.

As a result of the low power demands of this unit, it is able to perform to extended run times, filling a strong market requirement for a CCTV product that is also portable, solar powered and has a much clearer image than seen in previous solutions on the market.

It also allows for an effective integration with our Solar IP, which is a trailer-based solar power source that can provide appropriate technologies the opportunity of portability.

The applications of this are far reaching, offering sectors such as traffic management and events a solution that can meet such specific but common requirements. What’s more is that under the conditions seen due to COVID-19, this unit fulfils an even bigger market need in name of high definition surveillance for safety.

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