World Environment Day 2020

On World Environment Day 2020, we take the opportunity to reflect on our past, present and future goals in terms of the environment. Whilst we are more than proud of the procedures that we have in place and the achievements that we have been presented with, we understand that more can always be done. 
In 2017, MVIS were awarded with the ISO accreditation in environmental management (14001:2015) and we were very pleased to say that in early 2020, this, along with ISO accreditations in quality (9001:2015) and health & safety (45001:2018) had been re-certified. Representative of our commitment to these highly important aspects of our business, the ISO accreditations together furnish us with a full IMS (integrated management system), integrating our systems and processes into one complete framework.
boxing day at mvisDespite this, we don’t rest on our laurels; we are always on the look out for ways that we can improve our impact on the environment, as we believe that it is vital for business to take into consideration their social responsibility on the environment so we can all work towards a cleaner and safer world.
Not only do we take the time to educate ourselves on how the distribution side of the company can have an impact on the environment, but we also look into sustainable ways which we can make a positive impact on the area that we have around us. At our Matlock HQ we home a beehive and a flower plot in order to give back to the local area as it gives to us. Local wildlife has an instrumental part to play in ensuring the environments durability, to take advantage of the safe haven which we have created for them.
On Boxing Day 2019, we decided to take a more modern approach on eliminating waste created at home during Christmas, asking staff to bring card and paper to the depot where it was recycled appropriately. We encouraged our staff to dispose of their boxes through us to ensure that they didn’t end up in landfill.
The bee house is on the wall at MVIS HQAlthough actions like these seem minute, they have a large impact on the environment, especially when considered together. By educating our staff on the importance of recycling, we hope that we can encourage a more positive mind set in their home lives as well.
As for our carbon footprint, we use flat bed transit vans for deliveries as these allow us to deliver multiple units in one trip which reduces the fuel consumption as well. Indeed, we have even been working on a new trailer that can accommodate up to 6 of our new HD Compact V.2 units in this endeavour.
When performing maintenance checks or battery changes, we ensure to visit all units in the area or on the way in order to keep on top of every unit, minimising double trips to the same location when necessary.