Resolve – an IT partner you can rely on

Despite working from home, MVIS and Bartco UK staff have been able to take their offices with them and carry on with their daily tasks, and it is partly thanks to Resolve that we are able to continue to carry on providing the highest quality service possible during the uncertain times which we are currently facing.

Resolve work with hundreds of SMEs and have seen firsthand the huge challenges companies have overcome in order to keep business afloat in response to COVID-19. During this time, having a reliable IT partner is more imperative than ever. 

Here at MVIS and Bartco UK, our IT systems are crucial to the business, as for the most part our departments rely on being able to access documents and essential programs as well as contact customers, suppliers and staff members easily.

By using Resolve as our IT support, we have been able to move most of our operations to a home setting with the exception of our delivery and warehouse team. Our systems were already online through our Cloud Server, which Resolve host, but there were issues with hardware that needed a quick solution and Resolve were on hand to help our staff and keep our team online so we can maintain the high standards we are proud to promote.

They have not only helped us to be fully operational under the new government rules, they have also made it possible for us to communicate within departments through video calls by setting us up on the communications platform, Microsoft Teams, which also allows us to communicate with 3rd parties who are also working from home.