In-House Teamwork and Training makes the Dream Work

Here at MVIS and Bartco UK we believe that quality starts with staff and our staff retention is something that we take pride in. With 5 staff members continuing after a completed apprenticeship, two currently undertaking apprenticeships and a further 1 to become a manager after joining us at only 18, when we say that we take pride in our staff and the team that we have built,  it’s not an understatement.
One of Bartco UK’s apprentices, Pip Wood  in purchasing for example, has almost finished her first-year apprenticeship and works under the support of Rebecca Prince, our Purchasing & Stock Control Supervisor. Pip has already been awarded Employee of the Month this year and together, her and Rebecca ensure that we have the correct supply of stock in order for the workshop team to be able to complete works and refurbish units at a fast and efficient rate. 
sean brown and tillie woolliscroftThe last year has brought in some major staff changes for our organisation. Towards the end of 2020, we brought out marketing department in-house, promoting Tillie Woolliscroft from Operations to Marketing Assistant as well as hiring Sean Brown as marketing manager. This has allowed us to progress in-house and develop a more modern approach to marketing.
After all, who better to promote the business then the business itself? 
Likewise, our operations team saw changes too. Our operations manager, Dom Bridge has been with us for over 5 years and is now passing his knowledge to Mizzy Watson who joined the team last year. With this, Mizzy has also joined our delivery team during on-site maintenance checks, deliveries and battery changes in safe, inner city areas.
Ensuring our staff all understand the workings of both the industry and in-house operations is a large factor in our staff training, this is so all of our staff can have a greater appreciation of the business and offer a positive experience to our customers. As demonstrated with Sean / Tillie, Dom / Mizzy and Bec / Pip, we maintain a strong company ethos of passing training down from management to every corner of the business. This ensures that the level of training is of the highest quality for each member of staff. 
With all of our in-house departments supporting one another, it is crucial to understand how each role contributes to the other. For example, our Operations team are on hand day and night to help with any customer needs or advice. Because of this, it is vital that they have the correct knowledge so that they can be as much help as possible. 
The new depot is housed in NewcastleNot only do we encourage our team to contribute to other departments, we also hold staff training at least once a month when possible in order to maintain a positive relationship and renew aspects of training. Being divided between 3 depots that provide coverage to the whole UK can take its toll if not managed correctly.

These training sessions regularly cover important aspects such as safety, mental heath, production and development. Training meetings don’t only improve our staff’s knowledge within the business, but also encourage everyone to join in with new ideas or potential development which is not only beneficial to staff morale but also encourages team building. These meetings are how we can constantly improve our services both externally and internally. 

Since bringing our marketing in-house, we have noticed an astonishing improvement in our nation-wide coverage as well as being able to be more interactive with our customers and followers. We feel that this has strengthened our external relationships as we have been able to work directly with partners and engage with followers on a daily basis.
Bringing marketing in-house also allows us to transcend traditional role divisions and work more efficiently as a team towards shared goals. Having a daily update on new contracts, potential customers or new solutions allows the company respond to changes quickly. There is more depth to a business than its departments and we believe that our staff understand that, which is why we can proudly promote award winning customer service from every corner of our company.  
Our in-house teams have never worked better together, striving to make our customer’s lives easier by hiring with us.
MVIS/Bartco UK is an organisation that can tackle any challenge thrown our way, which we have proven time and time again both with our customers and our staff, proving our reliability.
We are only as good as our staff, and we are more than proud of the team that we have built and strengthened over the years.