The Importance of Having the Correct Certifications

Working on any site brings a host of responsibilities to site managers and workers to ensure that they are working safely and responsibly. This is especially true of road construction and in order to keep these standards of safety high, certain projects require stringent policies and training to be adhered to, along with the right qualifications and accreditations to boot.

High speed projects, such as those for National Highways and Tier 1 contractors are an example of such projects, many of them being high profile and affecting a lot of people, from the workers themselves to drivers using the national road network. Because of this, organisations who are required to service these sites are all required to hold the right certifications, which may include CSCS cards or first aid training.

Without having these certifications, workers, delivery drivers and those deploying solutions to the site will not even be permitted entry onto it. This could cause a serious issue for a project, which are often set to strict deadlines and require our solutions for uncompromising safety reasons.

For example, portable VMS could be crucial for a project to help warn drivers that works are being conducted, to give advanced warning of the disruption to the road network, to inform on journey time delays or even to communicate a new speed limit in force. A project that requires portable VMS for one of these reasons may have to be put on hold if the delivery technicians deploying the units don’t have the correct certifications to be permitted on site to deliver them.

Aside from the safety implications during works being conducted, without VMS, there may also be safety concerns in the lead up to a project.

VMS are one of the first things that need to be on site for many projects, displaying safety messages with advanced notification of disruption before work begins. If signs have not been deployed in time because the delivery team have not been permitted entry onto the site, it may cause frustration or confusion amongst drivers when the works do start, which could be potentially dangerous.

And it’s not just a lack of VMS that could cause issues. Many of our solar powered ITS trailer-based solutions are deployed for planning and safety applications in high-speed applications.

For example, our Solar IP unit with integrated HD Data Collection Radar allows site managers to measure and analyse traffic flow, equipping them with the data needed for planning what other safety measures are required when the works go ahead. Likewise, our Solar IP integrated with Low Light CCTV allows site managers to have eyes on the ground at all times, even during the night, offering increased protection and accountability to workers when the project starts.

Without these solutions in place, worker and driver safety may be highly compromised. This could cause a ripple effect along the whole project, which may not be able to even start until the correct solutions have been delivered, costing more time, money and most importantly, leaving roads unsafe for drivers for longer than needed.

Here at MVIS, we understand this all too well. Having worked with the likes of National Highways and Tier 1 contractors for over a decade, we have gained a wealth of invaluable experience that helps us to understand better than most the importance of having the correct certifications and training. Not only this, but we also hold safety as one of our core principals, building it into every aspect of our business operations and consideration.


Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director comments, “The idea of sending a team to a site without the correct certifications is unthinkable for us. MVIS hold one of the best reputations in the industry for high-speed work and this is especially true when it comes to safety.”

However, it doesn’t just stop there. Our Platinum Service Promise outlines what we consider to be ‘Platinum Level Service’ and also highlights just how special our services are. Our sterling reputation exceeds beyond high-speed works, having been providing excellent service to customers on all kinds of projects, no matter the size or customer for many years.

We apply the strictest levels of safety to not only high-speed works, but also urban works, events and any other job we work on, for the safety of our own team, our customers and the general public.

This is why you can trust MVIS to deliver every time.