MVIS and Bartco UK Launch Portable IVD Radar with AGD

We are well known for our business partnerships and product developments.

Having worked with a range of companies to develop new and effective solutions that can bring the industry increased safety, we know what it means to cooperate for mutual benefit.

Our Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP) is one of the key components to this reputation. The Solar IP is a trailer based solar platform that serves as a portable ‘power bank’ for various technologies. These highly versatile units have been used with great success to grant portability to technologies that were previously required to be a fixed install due to their power requirements.

Amongst the latest of these developments is the ground-breaking portable IVD radar, which uses our Solar IP integrated with the low power 343 Traffic Control Radar from UK based radar specialists, AGD.

The IVD Radar is a portable traffic flow monitoring solution, providing traffic data on single and multi-lane highways and roads. The radar employs proven enforcement-grade measurement techniques to track & measure speed, length, lane/direction of individual targets.

Ideal for traffic profiling applications, clients can gather detailed data in all weather conditions in order to provide traffic information such as flow, speed and driver behaviour.

Replacing the need for other radar mounting options, the use of the Solar IP grants AGD’s 343 portability to drastically enhance road safety, capability and efficiency.

This unit makes collecting traffic data easy at a time when it has never been more critical. With remotely downloadable data from a unit that can detect from 2-100m away, no one is required on site to collect the data, which is especially important in COVID conditions.

Matt Felce, Research and Development Manager at Bartco UK comments “It’s always amazing finding new ways that our Solar IP can bring the industry new solutions. Working with AGD and their excellent 343 radar has been a genuine pleasure. We look forward to seeing the benefits this new solution brings the industry.”